Women and Heart Attack Pain: Study shows why this may be our most important discussion

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A new study shows women experience less heart attack pain (chest pain) than men or older women. This leads to delayed response and worse outcomes. Here is the article.


If you are a woman that has suffered a heart attack sharing your experience may help save the lives of many community members here. Please share what you felt prior to your heart attack. It may literally save somone's life!


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ange428 2013-06-27 12:53:14 -0500 Report

I was 38 when I suffered my heart attack. I was at the ocean with my family, and got knocked down by wave, and just thought I had pulled something in my chest. Within 30 minutes I was vomiting uncontrollably. This started on a Friday, and when we returned home on Sunday I finally went to the E.R. Over the weekend I had continuous vomiting, and while doing that my chest would stop hurting. Upon having an e.k.g. I was rushed into heart cath lab with 100% blockage. With my age and no family history, a heart attack was never even a possibility… Since then it is one thing after another, and I still am not back to myself

Sumar Farook
Sumar Farook 2013-05-25 00:07:39 -0500 Report

Hi i m 18 and having Chest pain from a month and sometime i cant breath regulary.. And pain on right side of head on/off.. And having back pain from 4month… Can anyone tell me what it is?!

marimoody@rocketmail.com 2012-11-15 00:53:42 -0600 Report

Three weeks ago I was headed to a Halloween party, and was experiencing some discomfort in my chest, but chalked it up to my Fibromyalgia, and Chostochondritis, 20 minutes later, I couldn't even speak, the pain was excruciating, radiating to my shoulders, neck and jaw… and a sharp pain right in the center of my back… I was headed home to take a muscle relaxer and a pain pill, and go to bed… at the last minute I told my husband to head to the hospital… within 30 minutes ( the time it took for the cath lab staff to get to the hospital) I was in surgery and had 3 stents places in my RAC, 100% blocked. I was told had I gone to bed, i wouldnt have woke up. I was released from the hospital on tuesday evening, and on thursday morning started having chest pain again, took nitro with no relief, and headed to the hospital by ambulance this time… another heart attack and 2 more stents placed in the OM1 and OM2 90% blocked… I am thouroughly convinced I had a heart attack back in April, same pain, symptoms… etc… but was poo'd out the door of the ER saying I was a pain pill junkie… because of my repeated visits to the er for the fibromyalgia, and chest pain… I have never had high blood pressure, but do have high cholesterol and a strong family history of Deadly heart attacks at a young age. My father passed away back in april from a heart attack at 65… the same age as his father and his grandfather. I am 46, and have quit smoking, I am on several medications, to lower cholesterol, lower Bp, and to thin my blood. I go see my cardiologist in a week or so to see what the prognosis is, I do know my Ejection Factor is 40… and that I do have 2 other blockages that are at 30%, but the doc said the medication should control that… Hope this helps, I am happy to have found this site and the forums. It is a tremendous help with the unknown right now. :)~

HeartHawk 2012-11-18 22:50:00 -0600 Report


A couple of more things to add.

  1. You were right to go to the ER with those symptoms. The docs there malpracticed in my opinion.

  2. The good news is your docs are right. Your smaller blockages can be successfully treated with optimal non-surgical therapy (lifestyle, diet, supplements, and drugs).