How can u deal with ur heart disease

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My name is Katrina, I have had four open heart Surgery's in my life… I take medications every day I am still trying to figure out why I have a heart disease???

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bikerbay 2012-02-27 00:41:24 -0600 Report

My heart disease is very complex. When I had surgery back in May of last year and I died twice I woke up to a tube down my throat had a blood transfusion and I don't know if I had a vision or a dream or something, but when I finally woke up I was diffrent

HeartHawk 2012-02-28 00:49:47 -0600 Report


Share all the details on the complexity if you are able. The more we know the more we can help.


HeartHawk 2012-02-23 23:42:22 -0600 Report


Please tell us more - your diagnosis, the surgeries performed, the medications you are on. It will help us help you. There are likely others with similar challenges willing to share how they manage things.


Heart-Healthy-Bob 2012-02-23 19:40:14 -0600 Report

Hi Katrina. Thank you for having the courage to post!

The why questions are always the most difficult, aren't they? I know some reasons why I live with heart disease. Unfortunately it's too late to do anything about most of them now — the damage is done. I know that I will continue to live with heart disease until actually repairing the heart becomes possible. And I am confident it will some day be possible, but for now… all I can do is "manage" it and focus as much as possible on living as well as possible.

I wish you well in your search for the "why" of your heart's condition, and I hope you find some joy in life as well.


bikerbay 2012-02-18 14:20:16 -0600 Report

Thank u I know I am only 27 years old but I still deal with the disease every day. I am just tired of having to remember to take my medications and follow the dr's orders

HeartHawk 2012-01-24 21:25:44 -0600 Report


There are many types of heart disease. Tell us a little more about your particular diagnosis. The rage these days os to stop attacking diseases and start attacking causes. If you can determine the root cause of your disease you can begin to heal what ails you!

We are here to help. The more we know about you the more we can help.


mbueno 2012-01-23 12:44:25 -0600 Report


I don't think there is no answer to why do people have heart disease. My three year old daugther was born with Hypoplastic Left Ventricle Syndrome and I just keep thinking what did I do wrong during my pregnancy for her to be born this way. But I sitll cannot find the answer I just don't know why. All we can do is just live with it and do the best we can. My little girl is so full of life, she is always happy. I mean she has her ups and downs but she is always happy and moving around. She has being sick since November we just take it one day at a time. I am sorry that you have gonne through four open heart Surgeries. I know it is very hard but you are a figther and you have make it this far. Take care.

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