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HI, On January 26th,2012. I will be going thru a stress test using Lexiscan. From what I have already read, it is making me more stressed out. Can anyone please tell me more about this? I had my frist heart attack Dec. of 2010. At that time my doctor put in two stents in left side, they were 95% blocked. A thrid stent, January of 2011, on the right side which was 80% blocked. Now it feels like my heart is enlargeing, and It feels like I could hold it in my hands. I do know that this stress test is to check the blood flow to the heart. But if they find out it is not pumping enough to the heart what is next? I have also read this test could cause another heart attack, or death. I want to know more,Please.

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Lexiscan (regadenoson) replaces the old chemicals adenosine and dobutamine used in stress tests to increase heart rate when the patient is unable to walk on a treadmill they did have some risks. Lexiscan seems to work much better with fewer risks.

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If your heart output is too low or there is found to be inadequate flow to the heart after your stress test your docs will determine the source of the problem (if any) and work out a prognosis and therapy to address it. But first you must see whether a problem even exists. What you describe could simply be due to anxiety. Let your docs help you find out!


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