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i understand that red meat should be limited, is it b/c of the fat content? We have a lot of venison, there is literally no fat to be drained. We have it ground, should we limit that as well? is there another reason we should limit the use?

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jobe66 2011-12-31 10:04:52 -0600 Report

i love venison and it is healthy. the whole experience of harvesting it yourself, the outdoors, the wildlife and the exercise you get doing it makes it one of the healthiest things you can do mind body and spirit.

HeartHawk 2011-12-30 23:28:46 -0600 Report


Red meat has been typically limited because of its cholesterol and fat content - especially saturated fat which is known to raise LDL cholesterol. New medical studies suggest that saturated fat may not be the "bad actor" we though it to be. In fact, if you are an ApoE2 genotype, saturated fat may actually be better for you than carbohydrates. Lean red meats like vension are preferred.

Regardless, it is still a good idea to limit fats especially for the average dieter. Remember, fats are over twice as calorie dense at protein and carbohydrates! For this reason leaner meats like poultry, fish, and of course, unlimited vegetables should dominate your diet.


benskeeper 2011-12-31 14:50:31 -0600 Report

Thank you, that all makes sense. But, where does venison fall into all that?

HeartHawk 2012-01-03 21:19:16 -0600 Report


It makes vension a healthier type of red meat because of its lower fat content but don't go crazy! I would keep portions under 8oz. unless your doc advises otherwise.