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Hi all I have a question? About 2 weeks ago I had a pain that was so unbearable that I had to grab my chest. The pain went from my chest to my left arm and than radiate up to my neck and cheek an back to my chest. This all took place in about 1to3 minutes. I have never in my life felt a pain like that. I actually felt like someone was squeezing the life out of me. Have anyone ever had anything like that happen to them and if so should I mention th is to my dr. Thanks for y our help.

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mr.awesome 2013-02-05 18:40:16 -0600 Report

I have once expirenced this before,this could be moderate to sevre heart disease,you have pain in limbs where the artery blockage is active.

tisdell 2012-01-24 23:42:55 -0600 Report

One night of last year in April of 2011 i had just got through eaten,and about 15min. after that I started having chest pain iI was looking at tv. And the pains was coming like about 3 to 5 min. and they was getting harder and I try not to go to the ER but I had to. I call my daughter and she came right on, got there and the pain was worse so they did what they had to do,they give me a shot to stop the pain and put NITRO under my touge give me blood thiner shots. My Blood Pressure was so high I didnt even no it are felt it,my Blood Sugar was high and the doctor said I was on my way of having a heart attack,and if I had'nt came in as soon as I did I would have had a major one,so they put me in the Hosp. And they put me on heart med. and raise the migram in one of my blood pressure pill they found about 10% blockes in my heart so I have to do heart test every six months. I Thank Lord for saving me and the doctors. So I don't see why you didn't go to the ER if you was hurting as bad as you say right then and there,I don't see how you sit there an took those pains. Hope you feeling better.

CWMecca 2012-01-08 16:54:02 -0600 Report

On 8/11/10 I had vomiting, pain in the chest, jaw and arm. We thought it was my gallbladder because of the vomiting. I went to the ER via ambulance and was told I had had a heart attack. All my symptoms were consistent for a FEMALE having a heart attack I was told. I'm now on meds, have had 2 angiograms, and I'm looking at bypass surgery in the future.
If the ER you went to initially can't find anything go to another hospital!! My bf, who has a history of strokes and blood clots, went to a nearby ER and was told he had "an owie" when he told them of pain in his leg. A week later, after taking the pain meds they'd given him, he went to a better ER and was immediately hospitalized for a blood clot in his leg! The 1st ER has been calling about payment and we told them they nearly killed him and we're not paying.

HeartHawk 2012-01-25 21:21:35 -0600 Report


Hooray for you! Heck, not only would I not pay I might go a little further and have them pay me!


runthe 2012-01-06 14:08:13 -0600 Report

Hi all I'm still here. I have not seen the doctor yet. appt on january 23. I still have some pain around the heart area. The reason that i haven't been to er is because after doing tests they can't find anything wrong. I continue to hae rapid heart beat and fluttering in my chest. As soon as I see the dr I will let you all know what is going on with me.
Thank you all and have a happy new year.

HeartHawk 2012-01-25 21:19:02 -0600 Report


How did the Jan 23 appointment go? Any new info or diagnosis?


runthe 2012-01-29 11:30:00 -0600 Report

I went to the Dr and she sent me to the ER, who sent me to get a heart catherization. They said that they did not see any sign of blockage. I was sent home still not knowing what is going on. They have me thinking that I,m making everything up. I feel so frustrated because these pains that I'm having are real. I don't have any insurance so the county hospital is the only place I can afford to go. I'm afraid that if I have any future pains like I was having, I won't go to the ER again. The Drs at the ER had the nerve to tell me that I had a test in 2004 and it was negative and again last week it was negative. I was wondering if that can be true. My mom had her first heart attack at 55 and then had 2 strokes and another heart attack before she died. I'm afraid that I am headed in that direction if I don't get any help soon.

HeartHawk 2012-01-29 21:20:20 -0600 Report


It is unacceptable for those docs to not provide a diagnosis. If they do not I would not pay. To just tell you it is NOT a heart attack is malpractice.

Imagine you went to a doctor complaining of leg pain, they x-rayed it and told you the pain was not a broken leg. Would anyone accept that. What if it was a muscle tear, an infection, or bone cancer!

Chest pain can be so many things like pleurisy, esophageal hernia, or even heartburn. They are duty bound to provide a diagnosis. If they do not at a minimum you should report it to everyone of their managers. Do not let lazy docs ruin your well being!


redorangedog 2012-01-29 20:33:41 -0600 Report

Redorangedog, Dear runthe, A heart cath is a definitive means of diagnosis of heart blockage. Did the ED go a cardiogram? What did the ECG show? Did you take Nitro? What happened when/if you took Nitro? Did the ED draw blood for cardiac enzymes X 3 and troponnin? What were the results of the blood work? What was the diagnosis written on your discharge papers? What were the instructions given to you when you left the ED? Cook County Hospital treats people that can not pay for expensive medical care, there is a waiting list of people that want to do their residency at Cook County because the doctors that work there are among the best experienced Doctors in Illinois. These Doctors also have private pay patiences that pay a lot of money to be their patients because they had their education at the famous Cook County Hospital. They treat people the same whether or not they can pay. Common symptoms of heart disease for women are;
unusual fatigue,
sleep disturbance,
shortness of breath,
a heightened sense of anxiety,
and being a smoker.
Be glad your heart did not show any signs of a blockage. Explore other causes for this chest pain like a rheumatological disorder, like costalchondritis, which is very painful in the middle of your chest. A Gastrointestinal disorder like a Hiatal Hernia, can mimic the pain of a heart attack, also. Stress can also contribute to your symptoms. Did you have your genes checked for heart disease or inflammation? You might not have the same causes as your family members that suffered from their disease. Red

Gulcherboy 2012-01-29 19:35:36 -0600 Report

I share your frustration. I was diagnosed with CHF over the Thanksgiving holiday and was released from the hospital with orders to make an appointment to see a cardiology NP at the local free clinic within one week of my release. I am not a patient at that clinic so I have had to apply there. I meet every qualification they have, but I have had to jump through so many hoops and over so many hurdles that I have yet to see anybody since being released from the hospital. I'm starting to feel good, though, because I think I may be within five to nine weeks of being able to make that appointment. After that, we'll have to see how long I have to wait to get the appointment!

skeetrn 2011-12-20 21:52:02 -0600 Report

I am new to this site. I only had pain in my jaw that made me have to sit down and I was almost in tears. I waited two weeks before I went to the doctors and that was because I had problems when I went up stairs. Ive had bronchitis before and TMJ . This was in June 09. Later that month I had a heart cath. and was told I had three arterires 97% blocked and I should be here. I had a triple by-pass
and never had a heart attack. everyone needs to go asap to the doctors when they feel pain that causes alot of pain in their chest ,jaw, arm etc.

HeartHawk 2011-12-22 00:24:05 -0600 Report


Thanks for adding your personal experience to the discussion. It adds weight and believeability to all the advice given! That si the best part about HeartConnect!


HeartHawk 2011-12-12 00:56:39 -0600 Report


red offers good advice. Your symptoms are classic heat attack and angina symptoms. Call your doc and discuss this ASAP!


redorangedog 2011-12-11 17:57:53 -0600 Report

Redorangedog, yes, and I called 911. If this ever happens again, I suggest you do the same. Why take a chance with your life? Those are classic signs of a heart problem. I am sure that you have a Mother that loves you and wants you to be well. If not, love yourself and call 911, you can save your life. Of course you should mention this to your doctor, that is what a doctor is for. Take care of yourself, every life is important. Red

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