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The last four weeks have been very hard for my daugther. First she got the crup, then a week after that she got pneumonia she had to be air lifted from our hospital in Hastings to the Children's Hospital in Omaha Ne. We were there two and half days. After a week a some days she got sick again with pulmonary edema. Dr said it was because of her pneumonia but the fluid in her lungs was all over her lungs there was not even one spot free from fluid. I get soo tired, stress and sad looking at my daugther bein so sick. She is still a very happy girl she is my little figther. She is always smiling and moving around it does not matter how sick she is she is always on the run doing something.

Hopefully she will be able to get over getting sick. But Dr said that there is the possibility of the fluid building back up again in her lungs. So we just have to wait and see. When we were at Children's Hospital in Omaha they did an ECHO on her heart and it look good. But her heart is getting stress because of all of the sickness she has had lately.

Hopefully this would be the last time I see a hospital in a while.

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Maja1959 2011-12-26 17:43:14 -0600 Report

Good Luck to you and your family and your daughter…best wishes for a speedy recovery! My son is now a junior in high school he has been battling costochrondritis and inflammation of the chest and sternum since sixth grade and extremely painful especially in the winter time. They say lack of sleep affects pain and he had been diagnosed with sleep apnea last year they took his huge tonsils and adnoids seemed to make the world of difference. He now has high honors at school and works as a dishwasher at an Italian Restraunt here in town. I know it is hard to watch our children suffer. But try to keep the faith…even when you think docs are fishing for answers. Fri he came home with 101 temp from school and we were told his titrates I think it is called were high that he had mono in the last three or four mos. But the fever has broken and he was able to enjoy xmas. And he is going tomorrow to be my support while I have a pacemaker/defib inserted. He is 16 going on 17 in March. He is a good kid. Sometimes I wish I could put him in a bubble and protect him forever. But have learned through life I have to let him in God's hands and let him grow. Hold your child tight and let her know you love her and support her with all your might. Keep the faith and somehow it all seems to work out. He has had this since 6th grade where nobody could give us answers then the doc said about the taking the tonsils and adnoids and he has done so much better. He gets better sleep and is not always hurting. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery!

redorangedog 2011-12-14 13:44:06 -0600 Report

Redorangedog, The worst thing in the world is to watch your child suffer and feel so helpless. One good thing about the croup is that your little one can out grow this condition. Putting on the shower and steaming up the bathroom followed by sitting in their with your baby can bring some relief. The Jewish Hospital does a lot of work in the field of respiratory problems of children. They have a lot of information available on the internet. You might find their free information helpful. Little things like good and often hand-washing on your part is very important. Was her pneumonia bacterial? If so, antibiotics usually cure that.
How old is your baby? I am glad the echo was fine. It is natural for a Mother to worry about her child. Stay away from sick people, especially children with a cold. You have to protect her from crowds, you never know what you are exposing your baby to. If you get sick wear a mask to keep your baby safe. Also, the Lung Association has a ton of information available just for the asking. The best of luck to you and yours, Red

HeartHawk 2011-12-07 23:11:47 -0600 Report


I know the feeling of watching your child gasp for air. My daughter has a rare condition called VCD. Even with all my knowledge of medicine and the medical system I was helpless. She has it under control for now but, wow, it is awful. All you can do is keep fighting. What is most helpful is to have support and supportive people. I know it is not like having people in the room with you but perhaps HeartConnect can be a small part of that support.


mbueno 2011-12-08 08:39:36 -0600 Report

Thank you for your support. When I was with her at the hospital I was thinking about this web page. The only problem was I did not take my lap top with me. But it does help knowing there are people that understand what we are going thourgh.

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