Congestive heart failure,a-fib and high blood pressure

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My grandma was diagnosed with congestive heart failure about a year ago. She was in the hospital again in June to have fluid removed from her lungs. At that time she was told she had a-fib. Now she was in the hospital again this past Tuesday. More fluid on lungs. Was released on Thursday. Went back Friday morning lungs were clear but she says she is having diffuclty breathing. She also has high blood pressure. They released her Friday afternoon and she went back this morning at 1:00 am. Blood pressure was 239 over 89. Lungs still are clear but she has problems breathing. Doctor not sure why. They are getting her blood pressure down. She also had a slight kidney infection. Any one know what's going on

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The symptoms you describe are common and part of a vicious circle in CHF. Pressure builds in the pulmonary arteries forcing fluids into the lung area and you can guess the rest. We have some great info on CHF that you can find here.

The second link will take you to some excellent info provided by Dr. Fogoros who I have found to be an excellent source.