Do you really need all the medications doctors give ?? ask yourself. do research

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Hello, Let start by saying in no way am I suggesting that anyone stops or changes the medications that they have been prescribed by their doctor. And I am not a doctor of any kind. I am just a 46 year old woman who has lived with a congenital heart condition, and has had at least 13 — major open heart surgeries. Now with all that said and out of the way, I just want to share a story of something that I recently went through, for the last at least 4 years I have been on at least 160mg to 220 mg of water pills, from lasix to bumex, not including the Aldactone, which is also a water pill, however Aldactone does not deplete your potassium levels, which the others do, not only the potassium levels but it also drains much of the minerals and vitamins in which a body needs to function correctly. Well I have been telling my doctors that I have had a huge amount of pain in my muscles and was wondering if I could be coming down with some sort of muscle disease, and my doctor made a comment about that the water pills do deplete my minerals and vitamins, which I always was aware of the potassium depletion but never gave much thought to the other stuff, so it got me to thinking, so I came home and starting do some research, and ran across a great book, called " the Heart cellular health series " its by Matthias Rath M.D., after reading this book with new knowledge on the body and the importance of vitamins and minerals, I chose to change my medication doses, WHICH PLEASE DO NOT DO WITHOUT DOCTORS KNOWLEDGE, anyhow yes I do tend to do this without my doctors knowledge or approval before doing so, but that is just me, and I am so in tune with my body, that Thank God, I have never caused myself harm, and have only improved on my heart health. So I am sure this sounds a bit crazy to most of you to do, with the risk I take by doing so, but the risk is worth it to me. Well what I did was I changed my dose of diuretic medications, I made a drastic change at that, I went from 6 pills a day 3 in the am and 3 in the pm, and I went to only 2 pills every other day, and within 2 days my breathing became easier, I was using the restroom more than ever, and my weight gain was gone, I was no longer retaining water, amazed at the difference with how I felt I wanted to see my cardiologist so I emailed her and she told me to just stop by anytime as long as it was before 4pm, so the next day I dropped in on her (I am very special to her, cuz I am a pain in the A - - ) and that's why I can just drop in anytime and she makes time for me, so at the time she chose to check my pacemaker just because ( which I am 100% paced, no heartbeat without pacemaker ) and we found out that my pacemaker performance and out put levels have actually got better, in other words the pacemaker output has decreased in the level of strength, it needs to put out, this is due to better heart function, better and stronger output of the beats, less pressure on the pacemaker battery, its kind of hard to explain but in simple terms it does not have to work as hard for my heart to put out some kick ass beats and blood flow. I do hope I am putting this across right, see I am not a doctor and do not know the medical terminology. Well I informed her that I had changed my Diuretic, dose, just when I figured she would say dammit Michele you can't do that she shocked me, by saying she would be happy if I did not have to take any Diuretic at all, wow I was surprised. It's been almost 2 months now, and I have felt better than I have in years, stronger, breathing is better, no weight gain or water retention, yea, and my kidney numbers are normal again. I also started a vitamin and mineral supplement plan, which I more or less figured out what, was best for me by the book I mentioned early on in this. So I have to say, through the years doctors have always seemed to give out medications to me like they were candy, and I have always taken them until they make me feel crappy, or I have done research on them the effects and the side effects of them. I have gone from almost 31 pills a day, in the past to just 3 a day, except for every other day its 5 a day, so do research and try to get in tune with your body and how each medication makes you feel. Question the medications, and see about alternatives to medications which may be better choices. I would like to just give a bit of knowledge of my heart problems, Transposition of great vessels NEVER SURGICALLY REPAIRED, hole in heart REPAIRED AT AGE 13, enlarged heart, 4 different heart murmurs, pulmonary hypertension, mechanical mitral valve, pacemaker since the age of 12, NO HEART BEAT WITHOUT A PACEMAKER, in other words I am 100% battery operated hehehehe, I also had a stroke in 1994, which left me paralyzed, could not eat, talk, walk, move my arms , and with the help of only friends, was out of the hospital within a week walking, talking, laughing, crying, well you know back to being me, and I did it all without any medical therapy rehabilitation. Anyhow that's just the major problems which with those come many other ones. So like I said I do not want anyone to take any of what I have said as being medical advice or suggestions for them to do, I wanted to share, so maybe others will begin to understand even the best intentions by doctors can be harmful to you so its always best to research and discover what works best for you as an individual, My Cardiologist I had from birth until I was almost 30, and I had every open heart surgery with, was at children's hospital Oakland California, and he always said that the only reason I was still alive was because I wanted to be !!! And that is so powerful. See medically its unexplainable as to why I am still alive, I just smile and say cuz God made me special, and that's how I am going to stay, no heart transplant wanted here, and they have tried for years to talk me into having one, no way, I am me cuz God made me Special and I am not changing that, its working for me and I am still living and I am almost 47 real soon. So yes you can beat the odds and just because a doctor says it does not make it true or right, every individual, is different and doctors only know what they have learned in a classroom, to begin with than through the years the doctors who really care more about patients than paychecks, learn the differences in each of us. Thank God I am Special Made, and So Are You.

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You hit the nail on the head. Find docs willing to accpet challenges, answer questions and work with you. The easiest thing for a doc to do is prescribe another pill and often the easiest thing for a patient to do is shut up and take it.

In order to practice what I call Informed, Self-directed Healthcare you have ti work at it. That means learnign all you can so you can intelligently work with your doc. That knowledge helps you know who good docs are, fire the poor ones then find and keep the good ones!

Keep up the good work. As you point out, attitude is everything.


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Well cherokeeBlonde, your story is compelling. I have an exgirlfriend who was on so much medication prescribed by her doctor, she complained to her doctor of the way she felt until they finally diagnosed her with fibromaialga (not sure how to spell it). Which only requires more medication. Well, one medication has this side effect, so they prescribe another to counter the side effects of that one, and so on, til your on so many meds that of course your gonna gain weight and she took a lot of water pills too. I was actually disgusted that my 32 year old girlfriend was taking as much medication as my 90 year old grandmother. In all, cherokeeBlonde, keep being yourself, and do what makes your heart happy, for you only live once.

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