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to have a good heart dr., is no.1,trust in him. i faithfully do mine. take your meds, if you feeel any thing, contact right away. 30 min. ,walk a day will help, if you can manage, i go to the "y ", ride bike 30 min, at my pace, also treadmill and go in pool.cook with olive/cannloa oil, use butter with that in, for salad dressings i like wishbone salad spritzers, friends are also liking. apple a day, greek yoguart, low sodium soup, no salt, i use pepper, main meal meat 4-5 ounces, whole grain bread, low sodium cheese, fresh fruits added to canned fruit in light syrup, mostly skinless chick, wild pacifiic salamon, lean beef twice a month. take a good vitamin,omega fish oil, and cq10. either dark chocolate bars or candy is also good for heart. if you go out to eat, glass of red wine is also good.when eating out, once a month i order a dessert, that does my craving. keep your self in a good frame of mind. since 2003, 4 stents, single by-pass, no vein taken, and just this past 2 months,had venous vein surgrey. "09" and "10" , traveled 9 countries , 2 twice. because of large airports, i ask for wheel chair help, have folding cane for my back. you are as old as you feel, i'm 69,but feel 55,have a god lookout on my health and my heart says ,i'm his favorite person.i count my blessings that i can still do things,this keeps me going. plockwood/orlando,fla

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HeartHawk 2011-08-17 22:40:39 -0500 Report


Sound like you have a great heart health program! What heart conditions are you treating. Also, are you on any prescription meds?


plockwood 2011-08-18 06:31:43 -0500 Report

on plavix,lisinopril,corer cr,baby asprin,water pill,fenofibrate,cq10,alpraz./anxiety pill,omega fish oil. "o3",ist stent,had pnemonia , couple months later went thru eecp/that's for short, if i spelled right,heart dr's., know of this, my heart dr, here in orlando,fla, has all the equip., in office, some vein surgeries also done in office, i lucked out,when i found him.

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