Act F.A.S.T. During A Stroke..........

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Teach your family and friends how to recognize a stroke quickly. FACE-ask the person to smile. Does one side of the face droop? ARMS- ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downwards? SPEECH- ask the person to repeat after you. Are the words slurred? TIME- time counts. Call 911 if a person shows any of these signs. If you act fast, you may be able to recieve a clot-busting medicinethat is effective in treating stroke. But, you have to take it within 4 1/2 hours after symptoms start.

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BrendaBarry 2011-08-26 00:20:09 -0500 Report

Very good reminder. My father suffered a stroke sitting in his chair. He started out saying he had a headache, then began talking gibberish. I asked him to look at me and he couldn't maintain eye contact. His eyes kept drifting all over. Then I asked him to smile for me and the right side of his face didn't move. I instantly called 911, by the time the ambulance arrived, he had lost the full use of his right side. He regained everything within hours, luckily. The doctors said it was because he received the medicine so quickly. He was very lucky.

But that was one of the scariest moments of my life.

Mass. DPH
Mass. DPH 2011-08-15 10:48:52 -0500 Report

Great reminder on F.A.S.T., the proven way to remember the signs and symptoms of stroke.
Watch/download the 3-minute FAST video, for free, here:
Suitable for all ages, the video uses animated characters and a catchy tune to help us remember F.A.S.T.
You may also print out F.A.S.T. brochures and posters for free at
Just click on the catalog number for the artwork (note: we charge "cost" and shipping to mail materials to addresses outside of Mass.).
Cultural adaptations in Spanish, Portuguese, and Khmer also available.
Ask about our education kits (w/ PPTs) and usage of the video on CCTV and CATV.

HeartHawk 2011-08-10 22:04:14 -0500 Report

Te Ja:

I posted an article a couple of weeks ago from the National Stroke Association detailing the FAST protocol. You can find it here:

I also posted a video that discusses the use of FAST here:


shoulders 2011-08-11 15:21:41 -0500 Report

EXCELLENT, It didn't discuss about recieving the clot-busting medicine that is effective in treating strokes. The medicine has to be giving within 4 1/2 hours after symptoms started.