5 tips to help you get back on track............

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1) Find the reason you want to be healthy. 2) Learn all you can about diabetes. 3) Identify barriers that stop you 4) Make one change at a time. 5) Keep thinking COMMON BARRIERS AND HOW TO GET PAST THEM… *i DON'T LIKE THE FOOD: meet with a regestered dietitian or certified diabetes educator. *I DON'T LIKE TO EXERCISE: Do things you enjoy and step up the things you do already so that you do a bit more. *I CAN'T TAKE MY MEDICINE AS PRESCRIBED: Tell your Dr. about why you can't take your medicine.If you can't afford your medicine, the Dr. can help you find another option. If you often forget to take your medicine, the Dr. and your pharmacist can help you with ideas about this, too.

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