Vessels outside of your heart and brain.........

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Your arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood from your heart to other parts of your body.Your viens are the blood vessels that return your blood that is not rich in oxygen back to your lungs for oxygen, then to your heart, which pumps out the oxygen-rich blood to your arteries.The blood vessels that carry blood to the rest of your body, such as your arms,legs,stomach and kidneys is called your peripheral vascular system. These vessels can get smaller or narrower for many reasons. The blood flow to other parts of the body decreases and can even stop. The narrowing of these vessels is called peripheral vascular disease, Or P.V.D. About 10-million people in the U.S. over 50 have P.V.D. Risk factors for P.V.D. include: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking.

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