Do you take a Daily Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements?

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What are the profits of takeing the multivitamins and the mineral supplements? Are there any negative/side effects to takeing them? What about taking fish oil capsules? Heard that due to heart disease can benefit from adding fish oil to your eating plan.

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HeartHawk 2011-08-17 23:04:00 -0500 Report


Here is what I take daily.

  1. 8000IU Vitamin D3: This should be a building block of any health program. I take enough to maintain a blood level of 60ng/dL

  2. 5,400 mg EPA/DHA (total) from fish oil. This is quite a lot but it is part of an exerimental program to reduce high lipoprotein(a).

  3. 150mg Co-Q10 to counteract muscle side-effects fromteh statin I take.

  4. 450mcg of iodine to support my thyroid.

  5. 1000mg Vitamin C for all round antioxidant protection.

  6. 50mg DHEA: This is also for high lipoprotein(a).

  7. A multivitamin with minerals.

  8. About 500mg of magnesium for muscle cramping and to maintain healthy heart rhythym.

We must always remember that supplements can be just as powerful, and dangerous, as prescription drugs. Although generally safe, supplements can cause side effects. Always discuss taking any new supplement with your doc before doing so.

Te Ja
Te Ja 2011-07-27 16:34:33 -0500 Report

Per my dr. I take a mutlivitamin everyday my quess is to make up for what I do not get in my daily diet and what my body does not need is disposed of. I heard in raw cases people taking to many vitamins and it did cause some problems.
You got me on fish oil but it does make since where fish is good for you.