Happy Birthday America

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I wonder who might have a birthday on the 4th. What a celebration you must have had. From the sounds of things tonight (the 2nd) you would have thought tonight was the night for fireworks. I can't wait until Sunday (but the dogs sure can) and then finally Monday. Then all the pooch's can come out from under the furniture or off laps and get back to normal. We have a shepherd and our first 4th of July with him he was 7 to 8 months old and weighed 30 to 40 lbs. and he jumped into my lap. He still sticks close to me even now for protection. Funny!!!!! Be safe everyone and have a fun 4th of July.

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Te Ja
Te Ja 2011-07-04 23:20:29 -0500 Report

I know it's not the 4th of July but mine is on New Years day. In my younger years it was great, but now well birthday's just make me another year older.

berrykins0 2011-07-05 06:49:21 -0500 Report

it's still is very special day to be born . i new somebody that was born on news day also. even been born fews day before or after can be special . my birthday is very close to labor day. mine is sept 9. which always very close to labor day.

berrykins0 2011-07-04 07:29:07 -0500 Report

i know somebody that does a birthday on the 4th july. it quite intresting to have a holiday birthday. ihave a nephew that had his birthday yesterday which is pretty close to like having on the fourth july. have a nice fourth july.

HeartHawk 2011-07-03 23:38:08 -0500 Report


Yep, it was a good Sunday for fireworks and this year they did not disappoint! Good to hear form you!