Age you were diagnosed?

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I was diagnosed May 4th, 2010 with at the time CHF. Since then I have been treated with medications, diet and had an ICD implanted. This was very hard for me to adjust to and cope with.

How old were you when you were diagnosed?

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Pappy03 2011-08-12 23:41:49 -0500 Report

I was 42 when I was told half of my heart did not show up on a stress test. I was hospitalized and had bypass surgery which at that time they cut arteries from inside my chest wall to make the grafts, sort of experimental then. Five years later I was diagnosed with PAD and had arteries in both legs replaced with artificial ones. One of my doctors told me that most people have a bout with depression after those type surgeries, but as far as I know I didn't. Just thankful to be alive and thankful that I had never had a heart attack. Everything was found and corrected before it came to an attack. All this started on Dec 17, 1996. So there now, everyone can figure out my age. LOL

arkansasurviver 2011-07-05 21:19:59 -0500 Report

I was 20 at the time of diagnosis. It was found cause of a viral infection they think. So now 8 years since diagnosis one pacemaker, I am still going. Some days are hard but I still work a desk job 40 hours. I am afraid to stop working because I am afraid it might take over. How do deal with your chf?

HeartHawk 2011-06-26 23:38:34 -0500 Report


Thanks for chiming in and welcome aboard! Although I am much older, it seems the list of maladies continues to grow, lol. Your tatoo says it all!

How did you come to be diagnosed and what did your docs say was the cause?


karenhill123456 2011-06-25 16:29:50 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed with dilated caridomyopathy when i was 11. I am in stage 2 heart failure now

HeartHawk 2011-06-26 23:45:17 -0500 Report


Thanks for finding our community and adding your voice. There are a lot of folks here battling CHF. Anything you would like to share about your experiences especially given your age at diagnosis would helpful.

I would also encourage everyone here to ask questions and share concerns. The power of this community is its thousands of members and experiences. The answers, along with a healthy dose of caring and comraderie are just a few clicks an keystrokes away!


flowmaster333 2011-06-24 23:56:33 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed in april 2009 with chf. I was 29 years old at the time. Anyone I had told about my diagnosis looked at me with disbelief and said that I was way too young to have it. Since I have joined heart connect I have met people younger than I that were also diagnosed.

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