Good news for AF sufferers: ARISTOTLE positive on Apixaban

By HeartHawk Latest Reply 2011-06-23 21:35:50 -0500
Started 2011-06-23 21:35:50 -0500

Move over Pradaxa. The ARISTOTLE trial found that the new AF drug is just as could as warfarin (Coumadin) and may cause fewer bleeding complications.

Pradaxa is currently the only new AF drug proven to work as well as warfarin and has other beneficial properties. But it is the only new FDA approved drug. That means the price is sky high!

Apixaban now joins rivaroxaban (in the ROCKET AF trial) as two new AF drugs proven in large trials that await FDA approval. If approved, this competition will ultimately lower the price for all these newer and potentially superior drugs.

Anyone want to comment on the pricing and what their insurance will cover for drugs like Pradaxa and Coumadin? Will your insurance even cover Pradaxa?


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