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Hi everyone,
what a great place! I am the youngest out of 4 siblings of a family from New orleans, ravaged by heart disease! My father has had 5 heart attacks, 3 strokes and is still alive…barely…My oldest briother passed in 2005 at the age of 43, massive heart attack…3 grandparents out of 4 passed before 60 yrs of age from heart attack/stroke, my fathers Mother passed at 46…I am the executive Chef at The Duke Diet and Fitness Center and have so far been ok! I have recently gained a few pounds after having a couple knee surgeries but will soon be back to normal when all heals up.
If I have any advice for people…eat natural, organic, free roaming WILD GAME! and buy foods directly from your local farmers. If you need any help, let me know and I will do the searches for you.
I raise my 4 kids on Venison harvested by myself off of Organic Farms and free ranging forest dwellings, we eat Rabbit, Squirrel, alligator, Pheasant, Bear, Elk, Moose…anything that Chef Daddy brings home.
Open markets in places Like Asheville, NC, Durham, Cary and Saxapahaw NC is where we get almost all of our "groceries" and since we home School all of our children and 1 other we make field trips and science projects out of it.

Anyway, I like this group already…if you are interested in feeding the needy and saving your local, State and Federal Gov't money using renewable, sustainable and FREE food…send me message…

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Welcome aboard. Happy and appreciative to have your input. My brother-in-law is also a chef who is into sustainability and local foods.

Sounds like your family has had as much or more trouble with heart disease as mine. My suggestion would be to get a heart scan to look for "silent heart disease" and an advanced lipoprotein test to look for factor beyond cholesterol. I would place a small wager that your family suffer from a genetic predisposition for high lipoprotein(a).

Let us know how things go!