Was your stent necessary? Another doc sees the light!

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I have had the pleasure of communicating and discussing heart disease treatment with Dr. Richard Fogoros who has established a significant web presence over the years.

His latest article shows that he has becomed "fully enlightened" on the issue of heart disease prevention and I encourage anyone who has had a stent or believes one may be in your future to read it.


I am gladdened to see that Dr. Fogoros has joined the likes of docs Dr. William R. Davis, Dr. Bill Blanchet, and Dr. Arthur Agatston in understanding the true nature and cause of heart attacks. We need more like these docs!

So, what were the circumstances behind your receiving a stent. Were you in the throes of a heart attack or suffering unbearable angina symptoms or were you scared into getting a stent simply as a preventative measure?

Please read the article then tell us your story!


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LennyDenny 2011-06-15 07:56:06 -0500 Report

I have 4 drug emitting stents right now. I have angioplasty done and 2 stent put in back in 2003 when I had my heart attack. About 4 week after my heart attack I had another put in another blocked artery, they say they waited until I was stable enough to do the 3rd stent. At that point I still had another artery that was 100% blocked and they wanted to wait until I was strong enough to do the 4th stent. I had it done about 8 months later. I have a heart cath done once a year to check on the stent that are there and they are finding that some blockage has started to occur. They tell me I have numerous vessels around the heart that are blocked. I am due to go see the cardio dr. very soon I just have been putting off making the appointment. I just went through test and appointments with the pulmonay dr and found out I have sleep apnea and was started on a cpap. So I guess now it's time for the cardio dr.

HeartHawk 2012-04-16 22:55:08 -0500 Report


Yup, however, if you are stable please have a discussion with your doctor about the COURAGE study which found that for stable patients optimal drug therapy is as effective as invasive intervention. Here is a good article.


Too many interventional cardiologists are more interested in making a buck by putting in a stent than in optimizing your healthcare! Feel free to ask more questions here.