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I am going to see the cardiologist for the first time this week. He is also listed as an EP, so I hope this means he is qualified to treat atrial fibrillation. As the last few weeks have passed since my PCP told me I had afib I have become more apprhensive about this visit. Can anyone tell me what kind of questions he will ask me, what additional tests he might ask for, and how often will I need to see him. The biggest question I have is what could I have done different to prevent this in the first place. Please help!

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Yes, it is good that the doc is also and EP. Their specialty is arrhythmia. Afib can be frustrating but it is common and treatable. The biggest risk is clotting that can lead to stroke. Be certain to review the article below on avoidable risk factors to see what you can do to avoid afib.

You will likely have an electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, an dpossible a chest x-ray. Your EP may also ask you to wear a 24-hour "Holter monitor" which is essentially a 24-hour electrocardiogram because your afib is not likely to appear while at the docs office. Depending on what they find the EP might want to do an EP work-up which is a lot more involved and usually requires sedation amd is minimally invasive.

You will likely receive treatment to reduce afib incidents (doc will talk about "rate and rhythm control") and blood thinning to reduce clot risk. Other treatment if drugs do not work are cryo-abalation.

Here are some good resources to review.






Good luck and keep us up to date on what transpires!


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