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hello, i'm new to the site, and would like to know if anyone has been diagnosed with exercise induced ventricular tachychardia? I was taking Tenormin now I'm on Carvidelol. I am supposed to take a stress test every year, but i am frightened because i moved to florida and the drs here are not too compassionate. i had an episode while the last one ws being done, and i was panicking because i felt my heart race and he told me to "calm Down" we wil stop it in a minute.. what to do? i have to take another one but can't get past this fear now… thanks and god bless.

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Welcome aboard!

Have you seen an electro-physiologist yet? These are the experts. Anxiety is common, I'd say "normal" so don't be anxious about being anxious! Most cardiologists have seen this type of tachycardia before and wouldn't let you continue if you were at risk.

Here is an article that may help ease your mind.


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