What is Your Fatty Acid Intake? It May be Blocking Your Aspirin Therapy!

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A new studt has revelaed that your dietary intake of fatty acids may be blocking your intake of fatty acids. You can read more about the study here:


Fatty acids are largely dependent on diet and there are many forms of fatty acids. The main question in my mind was with regard to fish oil which is also a fatty acid thought ot be extremely beneficial.

The studt did not implicate omega-6 fatty acids which is largely what fish oil is composed of. It seems the primary culprits were omega-9 fatty acids and fats such as oleic acid (a mono-saturated fat normally thought to be a "good" fat and found in vegetable products) and palmitic acid (a saturated fat found in dairy and meat).

Note that fish oils are largely omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) that are proven to be heart healthy.

What is your diet like? Are you on an aspirin regimen?


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