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I joined heart connect because my family has a history of heart disease and I haven't been taking care of mine like I should. I am a 20 year old married college student so we are on the go all the time! So naturally, instead of cooking healthy meals at home, we often times turn to the golden arches for a quick dinner. Because of these terrible habbits, I am about 100 pounds overweight and my husband is about 75 pounds overweight. In addition to being overweight, I also have an overactive thyroid and (I'm not sure if this is related or not) my husband also suffers bad nosebleeds (I'm talking steadily bleeding for a good minute or two probably 2-3 times a week). We have been trying to eat better and exercise more, but with our schedules it seems impossible. Our eyes were really opened this past summer when my best friend's mom passed away suddenly in her early 50's. She was at work when her vision went white and she couldn't remember how to help her customers. She frantically called her son (my best friend) crying because she forgot how to do her job and a co-worker had become frustrated to the point of screaming at her. Her son immediately took her to the hospital and they figured she had experienced a stroke and she had some blockage and some fluid on her brain. They decided to perform surgery. While in surgery, she suffered a heart attack, but pulled through alright. The doctor's put her on blood thinners, but then she soon had bleeding on the brain. She suffered another heart attack and we thing possibly a stroke before being pronounced dead three days later. My best friend was devistated! He was only 18 at the time his mother passed away and they had one of the strongest bonds I've ever seen between a mother and her son!
I guess what I'm asking for here is some advice! My husband and I have taken the first step by deciding we want to do more to take care of ourselves and now we need to put this into action! Does anyone have any tips? What I have really been searching for (and haven't been able to find too much online) is some healthy meals we can make ahead of time, freeze, and re-heat for those days when we are too busy to cook!
Thanks for all the help! There's a lot of love on this network…I can feel it already!

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berrykins0 2011-05-30 10:29:46 -0500 Report

i heard having over active thyriod could make gain weight most people with overactive thyriod lose weight and gain weight under active thyriod. i had problems being under active and gain alot weight. by taking the meds and using a low carb low fat diet exersising lost the weight been abe to maintain healthy weight. but i told about a month two months ago i have graves diesase and some how graves diease has my thyriod over active and they to do upscan to there's any reason my has be came overactive before the do the radiation to kill it and put on a different meds. right now i'm not taking meds until the whole prosedure is done.i have been dealing with this for 2yrsnow plus i'm type 2 diabetic which put a person at high risk for thyriod problems. i understand it's not fun thyriod problems it like a challange every of your life.

bob11111122 2011-05-29 08:25:14 -0500 Report

i can understand your worry, my father died from a heart attack at age 42, and my younger brother at 29, and i at 33 have had a heart attack already…good for you for trying to get things in order!!

TnMtnMan 2011-04-28 14:11:56 -0500 Report

Well, you sure are addressing this at the right time - I waited untill my late 40's before I started to pay attention to my heart health! Try to find a local support group (you are ahead of the game having a husband who can help), especially friends and relatives! This site is a good source of resources, as well as , , , amoung many others (just Google it!). Good luck!

Chip005 2011-04-22 17:54:11 -0500 Report

Hi there, I'm even newer than you, friend. On the food and recipe dept. … here are a few links to get you started well.

We have all three; low sodium, low cholesterol, and low fat. Harriet Roth wrote a cook book with I think that title. You can find it on ebay. I'm planning on getting it because it seems hard to satisfy all three catagories.

Try to stay away from Mc D's. I know, I'm the same way. If you can't, find out what you can that won't do you in, and that is not the french fries or double quarter pounder, … my weekness. :) Think about it, are you really thrilled after you eat that menu? The taste buds aren't exactly poppin' except for the salt.

I think that there is a recipe for no salt steak fries and sweet potato steak fries which are very good.

Last but not least, and . Some of the best information you will find.

I have poundage to loose also. Stay in touch. :) Chip005

HeartHawk 2011-04-19 23:42:58 -0500 Report


Prevention is always the best medicine and there is no time to start liek right now!

First, get your husband to a doc to diagnose the source of the nosebleeds. What you describe here is not normal. It could be something simple but it definitely needs to be addressed quickly. If nothing else, it has certainly got to be annoying!

Next, you should address the weight situation. I always recommend a low-carb diet. Fast food tends to be loaded with highly processed carbs that raise blood sugar and cause your body to store fat. Then you crash and crave even more carbs. This is something you should both discuss with a doc as I also recommend you should get a physical before enbarking on any new diet or exercise program.

Exercise! I remember my endocrinologist telling me this was the most important thing I can do. The health and well-being effects are tremendous and, of course, it helps with the wasteline! 30 minutes, 5 days per week at 70%of your max heart rate is the most common prescription.

When you have your physical you will likely get your cholesterol tested. See if your doc will order an advanced lipoprotein test (LipoScience, Berkeley Heart Labs, Atherotech all offer one) so you can discover and address the many risks factors beyond simple cholesterol (small LDL, lipoprotein(a), C-Reactiove Protein, etc.) If you have a family history of heart disease you likely have one of these addiitonal risk factors.

Do the above first and report back on what you find. I can offer more advice to help you tweak your prevention program once you have more info.