Resting Heart Rate Fluctuating 6-9 BPM

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Just curious, not concerned: I have a Nonin Oximeter. Due to COPD I check my 02 saturation on occasion. Most of the time my heart rate might drift 1-2 bpm over the period of a minute or so. But every once in a while it will fluctuate 6-9 bpm w/in a minute or so, for instance from 61 to 70. Is this something that should be mentioned to the cardiologist the next time I see him? I have been Dx'd w/A fib and as far as I can determine medication has it nicely under control. I've not been aware of any A fib since the third day after starting medication.

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Perplexed 2011-04-11 23:06:43 -0500 Report

I use a Nonin Onyx oximeter that reports 02 saturation as well as heart rate. I generally take my BP, oximetry and peak flow in the morning shortly after getting out of bed.

I don't time my pulse taking, I just sit quietly and wait for a steady reading - which now and again, as I mentioned, isn't all that steady as far as the pulse altho the Sp02 is. Sometimes the pulse rate just likes to bounce around like a yo-yo, but since its not over 100 I'm not concerned, just curious.

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