Optimizing High Blood Pressure Treatment for Seniors: What you need to know!

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As we age, the way we treat high blood pressure becomes more and more important. Side effects and and other underlying conditions like diabetes will have an impact. Diuretics, ACE inhibitors, calcium-channel blockers (CCBs), and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) are all pharmaceutical options, but what is best? There are many comparisons such as this one:


Whether we are managing our own care or the care of someone else blood pressure is an important factor. What is your situation? Do you provide care for an older patient? What have your doctors told you? What questions do you have?


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Heart-Healthy-Bob 2012-04-19 11:10:19 -0500 Report

I'm not all that old yet (65), but I have learned in the last several years that lifestyle can make a huge difference in blood pressure.

My blood pressure had been 120/80 before the heart attack. I was taking one medication, and "doing my best" to live a healthy lifestyle. But clearly I wasn't doing enough.

Following my heart attack in 2005 I changed my diet, reducing meat and adding more veggies and fruits. I also added an hour of walking most days, and reduced my stress levels. And I took a range of medications. My blood pressure dropped to around 110/70.

Last summer I kept most things the same, but changed my diet to "leaning vegan." Most of the time I eat plant based foods only. On some social occasions I make an exception. In the last four months I've also been eating gluten-free. The results from these latest changes: My blood pressure has dropped to around 95/60!

HeartHawk 2012-04-21 00:27:44 -0500 Report


Well-said. You might also look at fish-oil. I havre to admit it is one of the few supplements that had a dramatic effect for me (30-point drop).


Heart-Healthy-Bob 2012-04-21 01:00:35 -0500 Report

Yes, I've been taking fish oil for quite some time, but I didn't see any change when I started taking it.

HeartHawk 2012-04-22 00:07:37 -0500 Report


I forgot to mentioj I take quite a bit of fish oil - about 5400mg of EPA+DHA. That's 5400mg of active ingredient. The total weight of the pills is 9000mg.


Te Ja
Te Ja 2011-05-25 08:56:35 -0500 Report

I'm only 49 have had high BP for several years now it did avg. 199/100. Now I've lost 20lbs, truly watch my diet, changed meds, now it's 150/110. Any suggestios?

HeartHawk 2012-04-16 23:16:33 -0500 Report

Te Ja,

Good job! I know you are on many meds so you might want to look into this new minimally invasive procedure for loweringblood pressure.



Te Ja
Te Ja 2012-04-17 16:22:42 -0500 Report

Since this post with a combination of med change and now have lost 58 lbs BP is avg. 137/74. Still spikes at times but I'm much happoer with the lower numbers.