Getting to the Hospital with a Heart Attack: Drive or Call Ambulance?

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In a recent study conducted at two hospitals in San Francisco, 44% of patients ultimately referred to the cardiac cath lab for suspectedheart attack had shown up to the emergency department on their own. But the remainder who hitched a ride in an ambulance progressed through the emergency department and into the cath lab significantly faster, despite needing more intensive care in the ED.

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How did you get to the hospital with your heart attack. WHat were the circumstances?


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LennyDenny 2011-04-06 13:23:11 -0500 Report

Hey HH. I didn't have much of a choice, I had my heart attack in a grocery store and was in no shape to drive myself. I was suprised that I made it as far as the store before having the heart attack. From the time the ambulance left the store and arrived at the ER it took about 7 minutes. Once at the ER the cardiologist on call told me they were taking me right up to the cath lab. But being stubborn, I made them wait until my wife and kids showed up which took another 15 minutes because the EMT's sent them to the wrong hospital, the hospital they told my family to go to was on divert. Barring any delays it would have only taken 30 minutes from the time I was picked up by the ambulance until I would have been in the cath lab. The hospital in Lancaster Pa have a great intensive care unit and a great cardiac unit and thanks to them I'm still hear to talk about it.

HeartHawk 2011-04-06 23:13:22 -0500 Report


Congrats on being in the "lucky" 50%. Heart attacks are preventable and heart disease is even reversible. I belong to a group where it is becoming commonplace! The best way to survive a heart attack is to never have one! Just work on staying at the cutting edge of medical discovery. It is really getting interesting!