Anyone Taking Both a Statin and a Fibrate Drug? Time to Talk with Your Doctor!

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The use of fibrate drugs, especially fenofibrate, has exploded in recent years. This is despite the findings of a major clinical triak that found no benefit to fibrates when taken with a statin - even in diabetics!

Several leading docs have begun to question this practice even among patitents with high triglycerides (the primary reason for prescribing fibrates). I have my own concerns (which are shared by some docs) considering that natural supplements like niacin and fish oil perform as well or better!

There is a good article on the subjects here:

How about you? Are you taking fibrates, with or sithout a statin? What does your doc say (you should ask)? Do you experience any side effects?


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KC Heart
KC Heart 2011-03-31 06:12:39 -0500 Report

Fibrates are to lower triglycerides. Which they do; but, no studies to show they reduce events (death, heart attack, need for stent, open heart surgery, etc). If someone has high triglycerides the studies would support diet counseling on reducing simple carbohydrates, simple sugars, Statin medication, high dose fish oil (2-4 grams) daily, and then Niacin/Niaspan. Niacin has been around since 1975. In the 1975 study the people who took Niacin over placebo had a 47% reduction in open heart surgery. Plus the HATs trial published around 2001-2002 showing 89% reduction in heart events. This article is long overdue! Thanks for posting.