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This is a question about my father. He is 65 years old and diabetic with coronary heart disease. He is currently taking Diabetes and High Cholesterol(Statins) drugs. He has had Angioplasty 6 times during last few years and continue to have same issue almost every year or so.

I was doing some research and came across the additional risk factor, "Homocysteine" to be another root cause of the heart blockages, in addition to high LDL. His LDL is now normal with meds but went to get his homocysteine levels checked. His results showed that his homocysteine was 13. Which is high as its supposed to be <11.

I wanted another opinion on this because of two reasons.

Reason 1: My father continued to have repeated blockages and stent procedures but doctor never ever checked "Homocysteine" before.
Reason 2: When I insisted to check and it came out higher he is still saying its nothing to worry about.

Its either doctor lacks awareness on homocysteine or he wants to stand by his decision of not doing the homocysteine tests earlier.

Any feedback would be very helpful.

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Great issue. Here is the scoop. Take a look at this comprehensive article on the subject that reviews all the recent data.


You have to be a member of the site to read it all but basically what it says is this:

  1. Homocysteine levels above 12 seem to infer a heightened risk for heart disease

  2. This risk is greatly magnified if you have other underlying problems like diabetes, smoking, etc.

  3. Curiously, taking B vitamins does reduce homocysteine but does not seem to reduce the risk of heart disease in most studies.

  4. But since B vitamins have so many other benefits it is probably a good idea to keep taking them until they can figure the whole thing out.

One theory suggests that high homocysteine is an indicator of a problem and that while B vitamins may reduce homocysteine it does not solve the root problem that casued it to be high in the first place. Think of homocysteine like a bright warning light and B vitamins like sunglasses. Putting on the sunglasses may dim the bright warning light but does nothing to solve the problem that made the warning light go on in the first place!