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When is a good time to apply for disability if u have heart disease?

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redorangedog 2011-11-25 09:13:53 -0600 Report

Redorangedog, Right away. When I applied, the SS counted the last 10 years of employment and divided that to get your monthly wage. Since I had several gaps of unemployed years because I always thought that I could get better and work again, it only served to lower the amount I receive each month. Denial will hurt your overall entitlement. If I sent the letters the Doctor wrote and the Social worker wrote ant the chief of physical and occupational therapy wrote for me while I admitted to the hospital the first time, I would be collecting twice the amount than I collect today. I hope you learn from my mistake. When my husband was admitted to intensive care for three weeks, all his doctors and Chiefs of departments saw that he was 100% disabled, they sent letters to the SSA and he had his benefits in two months. There was no chance that he could even sit up for 2 hours, let alone work in his highly physically and mentally exerting job demands. He took the news seriously and receives top benefit. Listen to your doctors, they know from experience. And their titles give their letters credence. Good luck, Red Remember, they want to know all the drugs you have ever taken for your disorder. And, their side effects, which usually mean, you should not be driving to work, under their influence. Can you sit or stand for an 8 hour shift. Can you meet the demands of your job for an entire week, with your physically draining illness. You can get help from the SSA in filling out all those long forms. And, if you are too ill to get to their office, you can have a phone appointment and the nice agent will fill out your forms. A friend or family member can shuttle your papers to and from the SS office, if you can not physically make the demands of waiting in line for several hours an then sitting for several more hours. Do you have children? You know how they love to sit for hours at an office, crowded with coughing people. And, that is not the type of environment suitable for someone with CHF. Best of luck to you, beg for help, you need it. You have been paying for it with every paycheck you earned. Red

KimberAnne1222 2011-12-19 20:11:27 -0600 Report

yes I have :) to answer some of ur questions my doc said to wait to apply for ss over a year ago. He still wont let me go to work and he doesn't want me walking very much. He wanted to pretty much put me on bed rest but I have a 2 yr old. Without his recommendation to ss I'm nervous bout applying. If I get denied cuz of his information I don't know if I could go through another try ya know what I mean?

redorangedog 2011-12-21 01:30:22 -0600 Report

Redorangedog, Yes you can. You are stronger than you think you are. You have a child that needs so many things that cost money. I will send you private messages and personally help you with each question. I still have a copy of the papers that were used for my SS disability. Leave nothing blank. Make it clearly known that you can not work because of your physical disabilities. There is no shame in asking for help when you are unable to work because your medical problems will not allow you to do so. You worked when you could and paid into the system with the money you earned, for the purpose of an income if you became disabled. This money is not free. You had to pay into the system with money deducted from your pay check. It belongs to you when you become disabled. That day has come and you have every right to collect the money you had deducted from you hard earned money for that very reason. A SS lawyer will shorten the experience. The money that the lawyer collects comes from the money you receive from your SS benefit. If you do not collect neither does the lawyer. That is motivation for the lawyer to do his best to have your claim approved. If it is not approved the first time the lawyer will reapply and your chances are of being approved the second time are increased. You must make it clear as many times as possible that you can no longer work and need your disability payments. Have copies of all lab and procedure test results available to attach to your completely filled out forms. Put down every medication that you were ever give for your illness with the most common side effects of most drugs, which are tiredness, dizziness, inability to operate machinery, from the car you use to get to work, the type writer or cash register or any equipment that are necessary in your chosen field. You can not sit at a desk for over 20 minutes at a time because of the risk factor of blood clots in your legs. You can not stand on your feet for an hour at a time for the same reason. With a heart condition you can not be responsible to get up early in the morning,get dressed, take your child to a baby sitter, pump gas into your car and get to the parking lot and walk into your place of business in time to start a complete shift of work and pick up the baby, drive home during rush hour, fix a flat tire if need be, get home, drag the baby with the diaper bag up the stairs to your apartment, fix dinner, do the dishes, prepare the baby for bed, prepare for the next work day, take your bath, take your medication, and go to bed until the baby needs her bottle and interrupts your sleep, they try to get back to sleep for the few hours that left and do it all over again. I am exhausted just writing it down. The paper work wants you to be specific, so that is an example of being specific and I am sure that I left out a few things. How can you manage your heart problems, a baby, your home, your transportation and a job, five days a week? You have no choice, you need help, that is what friends and family are for. It is a good deed to help a person in need. My energy is limited these days, since I have a few flare-ups going on, but I have a piece of energy with your name on it. I have been there and have done that. It can be useful for you and I would love to help. Red

re1ndeer 2011-03-22 13:09:24 -0500 Report

I used a disability advocate, no fee was charged. But, you do need a lot of medical evidence to get approved. And letters from doctors always help. Your illness's must be not "curable" that they will last longer than a year. Or that this is a "lifetime" problem.

rebekka010305 2011-03-21 19:43:59 -0500 Report

You don't always need a lawyer to be approved. I found that if you have a lot of doctors documentation it helps. I applied 5 years ago in June and received my award letter in December. Plus I did both of my interviews over the phone and my application online. It's a lot of paperwork and can be pretty intimidating but just take your time to answer easch question truthfully and with as much detail as possible. Hope this helps!

rebekka010305 2011-03-21 19:48:11 -0500 Report

I meant to say December of that year *Just under 7 mos*! If it had taken 5 years I probably would have gotten a lawyer! Plus everyone told me that because I was so young *22 when I applied* that I would get denied regardless it worried me. But all they are really looking for are honest people who really are disabled and need the help. Keep in mind though that you won't begin receiving Medicare benefits until 2 years after the date you APPLIED. I was quite shocked when I found that out but the wait is well worth it

redorangedog 2011-11-25 09:34:04 -0600 Report

Redorangedog, check with your state for medical and drug options, while you apply for SS. Do not collect unemployment, it means that you can work and are actively looking for work. It is the kiss of death to SS. But Medical can be of some help in some states. Check it out. Also, there are some internet sites that will give you at least a months supply of medication, just for the asking. Also, some pharmacological companies will give patient assistance to the people which are living at or below poverty level. Always ask your doctor for samples, they throw them away when they expire, there is no shame in being poor. Red

KimberAnne1222 2011-03-06 10:17:26 -0600 Report

Awesome that is excellent advice :) I'm gonna apply for sure

griz104 2011-03-08 20:53:17 -0600 Report

You should do it as soon as possible.. I had Open heart..Triple by-pass last June but had been told to quit working in Feb. of last year.. You need to be off work for at least five months before they will start to pay you..I took the advice of a couple friends and got a lawyer right off the bat.. From the time i applied till the time i received my first check was a tad over 4 months total..I was a Union Carpenter and was told i would never be able to do that kind of work again.. I am also Diabetic and my knees are shot.. I actually thought they would be operated on way before My heart!! But i have heard of it taking people over 3-4 years and many court dates to get a check…Wish you all the best!

ca0371 2011-03-21 15:57:56 -0500 Report

I have been thinking about applying myself. How expensive was it to have a lawyer?

griz104 2011-03-22 05:40:24 -0500 Report

Social Security has a set fee that is allowed to be charged and your Attorney can charge no more then that set fee..I think it was around 25% for me but would have to go and check for sure..It's a chance you take i guess by getting one and you don't have to but it makes the process go by smoother If i had known now what i needed to know i most likely would not Have gotten a Attorney till i was refused the first time..However that wasn't my case..From the time i applied till i got my award letter was only 4 Months..Like Rebekka010305 said above..Just fill out everything truthfully and to the best of your knowledge.. That is really all they are looking for…

redorangedog 2011-12-08 15:38:26 -0600 Report

Redorangedog, That is a great idea. Your collect SS from the day you start proceedings, not the day you get it. So, you have a retro-active check waiting for you from the date you signed the SS papers. Let them know if you are helpless to take care of yourself, don't be embarrassed. Red

griz104 2011-03-23 07:25:23 -0500 Report

I forgot to add that should you decide to retain a Attorney that you pay NO money up front.. When you are approved for Social Security Disability they will forward the money to the Lawyer for you.. What they send them is full payment for services.. You will owe no more.. Wish you the best of luck…

KimberAnne1222 2011-03-04 05:23:35 -0600 Report

Thank u HH. My Doc keeps putting me off about this and everything is so expensive, meds, doc visits, food, gas, ect… lol. Thank u, I'm definitely going to apply.

redorangedog 2011-11-25 09:47:59 -0600 Report

Redorangedog, Some state offer aid, food stamps, gas money, medical and drugs all without penalty to your SSA claim. It is state dependent. Ask, good luck and best wishes. Some states offer benefits for your children, as well. Red

redorangedog 2011-12-08 18:41:30 -0600 Report

Redorangedog, Does your doctor's office have a social worker? Sometimes your Doctor will have a social worker on staff to help put you in touch with people or organizations that can address your particular needs. Your health insurance company should have someone to point you in the direction that will most suit your needs. Anybody can call the Social Security office in your area to help you know what is available for someone with your special needs. You need the telephone book and pen and paper to look up any agency that that can offer help. Your church is another source for help in answering your specific questions and direct you to what you are looking for. You probably won't get answers from your doctor directly but from the people in the doctors office. Did your doctor recommend that you file for social security? You look very young. How many years you have been putting into SS is a factor to allow you to collect. At the time I filed, SS took the last 10 years of my employment record to determine what my benefits would be and if I was permanently disabled. You might want to check with your state resources. They can tell you if you qualify for Medical, food stamps and other state benefits. It depends on how long you can not work, how much other income you have. And, if you are married, your husbands' income counts too. It is like going on a treasure hunt that is personal to your needs and your resources. You might be surprised at what is available for you and your children. Good luck, Red

KimberAnne1222 2011-12-08 12:17:54 -0600 Report

do u happen to know which states?

redorangedog 2011-12-12 19:09:06 -0600 Report

Redorangedog, Each state has their own benefits, you need to take some action and get out the telephone book and look in the front of the book of the yellow pages where the governmental agencies are listed and find the local SS office or State relief agency, they will point you in the right direction. You have to be truthful and tell them all your income. Good luck, Red

HeartHawk 2011-03-05 23:17:12 -0600 Report


Hey, you have a liittle one to look after. People disagree about a lot of things but rarely do we disagree about making certain the lives of our children are secure. Let your doc worry about health issues - not family issues - that is your responsibility. Go for it!


HeartHawk 2011-03-03 22:18:31 -0600 Report


Given all you have been through I would say the best time to apply is now. The important thing is to understand when you qualify. You will never know until you apply!