Low Blood Pressure w High Pulse Rate

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HI, I had a Heart Attack back in Dec of 2010. They put in two stints, in the left side which was both 95% blocked. Than back in Jan 2011 The right side was done 80% blocked. I do have a blood pressure monditor here at home. Taking it twice a day. It runs anywhere between 110/68, or lower. With a pulse rate around 89, or higher into the 100's. It shows a IRR. Heartbeat, and yes I do have pain with it. I don't want to run to ER. every 5 mins. What should I do, or what can be done.

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HeartHawk 2011-02-25 00:23:38 -0600 Report


Your blood pressure is excellent. Was it higher before? W?at treatments are you on? Some can raise pulse rate. I woud suggest asking your doctor about doing a Holter Monitor to nail down the irregular heartbeat. Most often it is benign but if it proves to be atrial fibrillation it should be treated.

I am with you on the ER thing. When I was first diagnosed it seemed I was there every three months. Become knowledgeable and get to know your body. Knowledge is power over both your body and mind!


smyersmm 2011-02-25 10:45:55 -0600 Report

HeartHawk, My blood pressure was always normal. Until I had my heart attack, back in Dec 2010. Here are some more blood pressure readings, 98/70, 104/68, 89/50, and those were taken on a Omron Blood Monitor. The pulse runs anywhere between 84, and has been as high as 110. Doctor, has me on Crestor, Plavix, Gemfibrozil, Metoprolol. I worn a LifeWatch Monitor, for two weeks, to check the irregular heartbeat. Which did go off automaticlly by itself a number of times. I did have to push the button a couple of time myself. But Yes, it did go off more by itself. If you can tell me more, it would help me. For I have never been thru this before. My dad passed back in 1982, from a heart attack. He was 54, and arterty blocked totally. My mother was born with a heart problem, she has a pacemaker now. I am looking forward to hearing more from you. Thank You, Sue

HeartHawk 2011-02-27 00:03:53 -0600 Report


Let's go down the list

  1. Crestor (I take it) suggests your doc has noted LDL Cholesterol higher than what is recommended post heart attack. The program I am on (Track Your Plaque) shoots for an LDL of 60mg/dL.

  2. Plavix is a a common anti-platelet med used to make the blood "less sticky" especially when a stent is inserted after a heart attack.

  3. Gemfibrozil is used to lower Triglycerides and occasionally to raise HDL. It is an older med now replaced by fenofibrate. I have taken this in the past but replaced it with niacin and fish oil with better results. Discuss this with your doc. If nothing else, he/she may want to upgrade you to fenofibrate (Tricor is the brand name).

  4. Metoprolol is a beta-blocker often given post heart attack. It lowers BP (and your BP is definitely low-ish) and also to slow the heart down. It can sometimes work paradoxically to create an irregular beat. Make certain to nail this down with your doc. We are all different but I would not expect your heart rate to be so high while on a beta-blocker.

The Lifewatch monitor should have given your doc everything needed to make a preliminary diagnosis of a heart rhythm problem. What were you told? If little, press your doc for a detailed explanation and get back to me.


smyersmm 2011-02-27 14:35:58 -0600 Report

HH, Right now I don't see the doc til March 10th. But you can understand why I am concerned. If more treatment needs to be done, I am hopeing, they will tell me. Because I heard nothing about my LifeWatch Scan, and when I have pain in the chest area I wonder what is going on with my heart. Since all I been thru. My Doctor is In Fort Wayne, IN, and I live in Ohio. I am about 45mins from his office there. He come to where I live once a week, and is always booked up. So I can't see him until then. But I will keep you informed on what is happening. Thank You, Sue

HeartHawk 2011-03-02 22:36:06 -0600 Report


If they had seen a life-threatening problem medical ethics would demand that they contact you immediately. In medicine, no news is usually good news. Still, ask for a complete explanation of what they found and let us know. Information is power!