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To celebrate National Heart Month in February, we're having a contest! Do you have a delicious, healthy recipe you'd like to share? Upload it to Heart Connect's Recipes section and you will be automatically entered to win.

Also, consider adding a note here to let communtiy members know you have made a submission, why you like the recipe, how this helps your healthy eating plan, or just to ask a question on heart nutrition. I'd be happy to comment based on my background and experience.

The winning recipe will be announced March 1, 2011 and will be featured in our Heart Connect newsletter. So get cooking and help make our popular recipe section even better!

Click below for more info and entry instructions

Bon Appetit!


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HI HH, and John Crowley,
I entered an old favorite recipe for oatmeal banana bread, that I converted over to a Heart Healthy choice. It is rich and moist, fills you up, has lots of fiber, Low fat, Low sodium and high in Potassium. I love that I can take a slice of this out of the freezer, let thaw, and eat a good healthy breakfast, even tho up until 3 weeks ago I hadnt eaten breakfast or lunch in years. Thanks for the opportunity to share this recipe, there is also a link in the recipe to a website, where you put in the ingredients and servings and it will calculate all the nutrition facts for you.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2011-02-02 16:01:24 -0600 Report

A couple of other notes about the contest:

Don't forget to add "contestq1" as a tag or category to your recipe.

And then make sure you "Like" your favorite recipes that get posted. The recipe with the most "Likes" at the end of the contest will be the winner.

Have fun and let's share our best recipes.