How high is too high for a pulse rate?

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My Dad has A-fib and he has just this year been diagnosed with Polymyocitis (a muscle disease that affects the heart since the heart is a muscle) and Lupus. Last night his pulse rate was in the 140's, and he was in bed. Should he have gone to the ER? He wouldn't let my mom take him. His latest blood test results (he just got the results today) indicate that his CPK count has not come down, and this indicates that he may be experiencing heart damage. I'm very worried. If his pulse goes up again, should we take him to the ER?

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HeartHawk 2011-01-26 21:31:16 -0600 Report


Normal resting heart rates are in the range of 60-100. If there is a sustained pulse of 140BPM I would err on the side of making a trip to the ER although you can see heart rates as high as 300BPM or higher in afib and other forms of tachycardia. Definitely make the trip if the fast rate is accompanied by other symptoms such as faintness, chest pain, or sweating.

Remember, while I spend a lot of time with cardiologists I am not a doc and cannot give medical advice. It is just what I would do if it were me!