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i am bnot a diabetic but my feet get blisters from inside out and shin peels and feet crack and toes, i have used all creams and sprays but nothing has worked any suggestion

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jwhite2006 2011-01-30 11:56:34 -0600 Report

Have you gone to a foot dr. my husband got alot of blisters too The dr. made some shoe insoles for him and told him he was wearing the wrong size shoes he needed to go up a half on size to give his feet alittle more room so they wern't rubbing his toes together. and make sure to keep your feet dry.

beeleigh 2011-01-29 13:59:22 -0600 Report

I used everything from prescription creams and pills to things I read about on the internet. For about a year I took Turmeric pills that I found at the health food store. The article I read said to put a teaspoon full of turmeric in your cereal but everything tasted like mustard. So I went to the health food store and bought the pills. I tried a soak for my feet that was called cutar sold over the counter, but I got an allergic reaction to it. The thing was it worked on my feet. It was my ankles that swelled up like balloons. Unforunately there is no cure for psoisis and your body gets immuned to the creams and pills. I had light treatments on my feet , work very well for about 6 months then it stopped working. The medicine I got from the dermatoligist work well , but the pills can harm your kidneys and liver, I had to have monthly blood work. Right now I am using a honey and cinnammon mix from an article I read on the internet , they recommended it for excema.

Anonymous 2011-01-28 16:36:28 -0600 Report

did they check you for psorisis, I doctored for about a year before they decided that I had hand and foot psorisis. It is cracking and blisters and it itches like crazy. I

HeartHawk 2011-01-26 00:38:25 -0600 Report


Hmmm, tough one but I agree it doesn't seem like a typical diabetic problem. Sounds like a trip to your GP and perhaps a referral to a dermatoligst might be in order. Let us know what you find out.


cynthiakelly 2011-01-26 05:45:52 -0600 Report

i have been to a foot dr but all he wants to do is foot creams that dont work ,i dont want to take a pill or creams with out knowing why this is happening is it caused by my meds or what/ is what i want to know