Shortness of Breath

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I had a stint put in my heart about 18 months ago. At the time I have several symptoms, including shortness of breath. I have never gotten over the shortness of breath. My doctor says that many of his patients complain of shortness of breath and that mine has nothing to do with my hear. I have been tested for anything lung-related and have been told that's not my problem. My breathing seems to be getting worse, but none of my doctors will pay any attention to it.

When I first went in, my doctors told me I was fine, but kept testing on my insistence until they discovered I had a 80% blocked artery. Now, I seem to have some of the same symptoms, and once again, they just say I'm fine. If they couldn't tell I was having heart problems before without more extensive tests, how can they tell I'm OK now just listening to my chest?

Symptoms: Worse at night. Many nights I don't sleep well and have even dreamed that I couldn't breathe. It's not all the time, but seems to be much of the time. When I'm really busy in the daytime, it doesn't bother me so much. Could it just be anxiety causing all of this? I am miserable!

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had a stent also 3 yrs ago. found out that some people have short ness of breath ,caused by heart spasms . placed on osoceles daily slow releasing nitro. it has help decrease systoms about 75%.

re1ndeer 2011-02-14 22:54:24 -0600 Report

Hi, RedGloves,

I'm only going to make a suggestion here. Have you seen a Pulmonary doctor?
I've had some of the same symptoms you are discribing. If you haven't seen a Pulmonary doctor ,do so.

I have had a battery of tests, including cardiac catherization, because of shortness of breath.

I was told to go see a pulmonary doctor (who deals with Lungs) and found out my breathing problems were do to a disease called Sarcoidosis.

The way they found out I had this , they had to do a broncoscopy (not sure on spelling)as an out patient, plus a CAT scan to check my lungs.

I do hope you find the answers. Good Luck.

cynthiakelly 2011-01-26 06:59:36 -0600 Report

maybe you need to see a electrolist heart dr. maybe your heart rate is dropping to much, you might need to wear a monitor for a few weeks 24/7 for them to see it and that might give you a better answer and if your not comfortable with the heart dr you have ,you need to do reasearch on a new one and go to that person it took me several dr.s to find a good one . visit your local heart center and rehab center and ask people there who they like, in waycross ga it is dr. feere

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Dont let your concerns go, make sure you ask these questons with your doctor and press them for answers, if they do not have an answer for you ask them for a recomendation to speak with someone else

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Morning RG - I agree with HH - Keep pushing for them to test farther. After I had 4 stents put in I had shortness of breath. The dr. kept saying that I was just out of shape. I had appointments every 3 months after my heart attack. I kept complaining about shortness of breath. After about 3 visits and me still complaining of shortness of breath he agreed to send me to a pulmonary dr. who diagnosed me with ashtma and emphysema. Now I'm on medications and they help but I still have shortness of breath. Keep after the drs. until you get some answers. Anxiety can definatly cause all kinds of problems, so press of answers.
Keep working at it and it will come around. God Bless.

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Shortness of breath can definitely be a symptom of ischemic heart disease and should be taken seriously although it can also can be a symptom of anxiety. You should press for a firm diagnosis from your doctor or seek a new one.

Your 80% blockage also means you should seek a diagnosis and treatment for heart disease regardless of any symptoms of ischemia. The COURAGE study revealed that non-surgical treatments are as effective as stents but must be started BEFORE the situation becomes critical!


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