hole in heart and strokes

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In september 2 I had 2 disks replaced in my neck. I have no memory of this but Im told I was sent home 2 days later on sept 4 2010. I am told that I was tossing and turning all night as I slept. I am told the next morning I tried to sit up and couldnt they say I could not feel a thing from ears down to my toe. After hours of tests they determined I had multiple strokes 7 to 9 and they had come from a hole in my heart. I am now told that nothing can be done for my heart but meds. The hole is more of a large flap that opens when I cough sneeze or laugh. Can any one talk to me about this? My whole life has changed forever I am a 48 year old woman with a history of systemic RH for 34 years. Its amazing to me that I have had so many joint surgeries joint replacements all said and done I have had around 75 surgeries and never had a clue about my heart evan with all the surgeries I was a fighter I walked every day at least 2 miles always watched my diet how could this go undetected for so long?

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I am still an avid B-ball player (not a good one mind you) and have older guys (though not as old as me) who have had heart attacks while playing and one with a dime sized hole in his heart who still plays at a high level.

The bottom line is that you can have many cardiac problems and insufficiencies that never present themselves until a emergent symptom appears (imagine playing full-court basketball with a heart attack and feeling nothing but a little shortness of breath).

Stroke is definitely a major concern with your condition but one that can be successfully treated and your lack of symptoms is a testament to your healthy lifestyle. Keep it up, both your treatment and lifestyle and you can enjoy a long and healthy life.


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canyon, are you referring to a pfo, i know these can cause strokes. there is a pfo specialist in nyc, dr barry love

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