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Hi all I hope that everyone is staying warm on this cold december day. My question may seem dumb but here goes. I have notice a rumbling or swishing sound in the chest area. I was wonder if anyone else is having this problem. It does not bother means but sometimes I have a need to cough. Sometimes It feels like I am wheezing. I don't have asthma. thanks to all in advance.

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LennyDenny 2011-03-01 14:39:35 -0600 Report

It sounds like you need to pay a visit to the dr. I started with a cough, shortness of breath and a cough. I kept at the drs until they ran more test than I'd like to admit. The results came back asthma and emphasema, everyone is different but I still think only a dr. can say for sure. God Bless

Life Saver
Life Saver 2010-12-29 21:46:33 -0600 Report

Some health problems have little symptoms, or ones that we blow off.
I went to a clinic because a tick bite made me think that I had the beginning of lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. They looked at me without even an exam, and said get to the nearest ER. Don't STOP to get anything to eat or go home first. You're too sick for us to see you.

I was shocked. I thought I knew what was wrong by all the symptoms that I read on the Internet. I almost waited too long. It cost me 22 days in the hospital and a long recovery. You have to build up your strength when you have been that sick and not walking for almost 3 weeks. Your lungs have to recover too. You should treat your lungs as seriously as your heart.

Since you drove yourself, if you feel any worse, pull over and call 911 to get a ride the rest of the way to the ER in an ambulance.

It turned out a had a leg skin infection, extreme pink eye, and a very bad case of pneumonia. I was in a coma for 15 days of my 19 days in ICU of my 22 days in the hospital.

The nurses did not know what was wrong with me, just that I needed to be DIAGNOSED and then TREATED before I got worse or DIED.

The sooner you get a diagnosis and start treatment, the better and CHEAPER TOO.

YOU can put triple antibiotic cream and a band aid on a scratch, or wait until you have a serious infection. Diabetics can have a serious problem doing this due to lack of feeling and poor healing of wounds. So what seems so simple, is hard for others to do.

Let us know how things turn out. We care.
Tulsa, Ok