my heart aches

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i've high cholesterol most of my life i'm 52. but was too young too care. now i found out it is over 300 and that isn't good but i don't eat a lot of eggs or the bad food any more i just use too much butter now that's all. but the doctor said it is just something that could just run in family and so now i;m on med's but that main issue i'm having is my heart aches sometimes.just aches like a sore arm or legs i've read a lot of thing lately but i haven't found anything that saids anything about that so i'm not sure where to look next?

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There are a number of reasons your chest area can ache. Trust me, I have had them all - except for a heart attack and I hope to keep it that way.

If you are having chest pain you should DEFINITELY seek emergency medial help and followup with your doctor. It could be sore pectoral muscles, gallstones, pleurisy, ulcers, esophogeal hernia - many things - but it could also be angina or heart attack and that could be an immediate threat.

Once any immediate danger is addressed, make certain to discuss your symptoms with your doctor. I am a big fan of heart scans but certainly a stress test would be in order. I would also push for a stress-echo which uses a standard stress test coupled with an echocardiogram to get a better understanding of heart muscle function.

Finally, I would ask for and advanced lipoprotein test to get a better handle on your cholesterol problem. The standard Friedewald test used by most doctors is not a direct measurement of LDL CHolesterol but is a calculation that can be off by as much as 100%. The advanced lipoprotein test can also tell you much more about what treatment is most appropriate. It certainly did for me!

Now, go out there and make your doctor listen to you and take action. If he or she won't, think about finding one who will. Remember, YOU are the customer!


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thank u for the advice. i was thinking more like angina cause my arm or nothing else hurts just my heart i might get a sluggy but nothing that i thought to go to hospital for but i will next time i get them and u are right i do think stress is a big part of it i'm under a lot of stress more then i have been. an i'm not a big person i could loss 40 pounds that also weight isn't the issue that is what is worrying everyone but i'm trying to do more but i live in Michigan and it getting cold so walking is a job to do lol thank u for all the advice i wil ask my doctor about it thank u