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Jeanette Terry
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What are some of your favorite recipes that help you have a healthy heart? Share it with everyone by adding it to the recipe section.

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berrykins0 2011-08-05 07:39:30 -0500 Report

broil your fish better for you.use george forman grill to your food on. no oil needed these are suggestions for healthy eating.use tuna or nuts on salads or in salads instead of meat or cheese.

bosnian enforcer
bosnian enforcer 2011-04-17 14:31:33 -0500 Report

PROVEN FACT: 1 SPOON OF all natural HONEY FIRST THING IN THE MORNING TAKEN ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. 1 MONTH TIME = SIGNIFICANT WEIGHT LOSS; AS A RESULT OF INCREASED METABOLISM( THYROID GLAND ENTERS HYPERACTIVE STATE meaning "burning unwanted calories" becomes a norm as a direct consequence of HONEY INTAKE, the result of which is HIGHER base metabolism = burning calories even while sitting down or sleeping.

vgman63@gmail.com 2011-04-18 18:16:48 -0500 Report

I do believe this because when I got home to recover after having my triple bypass, I was using honey in my decaf tea instead of sugar and my weight was staying lower.

GmaBobbye 2010-12-10 13:07:54 -0600 Report

Since touring Scotland several years ago, have learned the (IMHO)the better taste/flavor of sea salt and use it ecslusively in all of my cooking. I feel it has an improved flavor and only use about half the amount recommended in most recipes.

GmaBobbye 2010-12-10 12:41:20 -0600 Report

I have a personal opoinion/question. Why are most recipes submitted for 4-10 servings. What about those of us who live alone and cook for one and do not want to have a freezer full of lieftovers

GmaBobbye 2010-12-10 12:39:33 -0600 Report

I love the traditional tomato soup n grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Yesterday, I wanted a bit of an change. I opened a can of tomato soup, minced 1 lg piece of fresh garlic, several snips of fresh homegrown rosemary,several shakes of tobasco and only added 3/4 cup skim milk (no additionall salt. While this heated, I toasted 2 slices multi grain ww bread, spread sparingly /c horserradish mustard, then added 1 slice sharp cheddar cheese and 1 slice lo-fat mozarlla cheese. I put the sandwich in my waffle maker that I had sprayed with Pam. Then, when ready to eat, I topped the bowls with crunched bits of feta cheese with dried tomatoes added.

I would like to add that when any wrecipe calls for salt, including Kosher, I use sea solt. Personally, I feel this improves the taste and I have foound that I only need half of the suggdested amount.

Also I feel that 'recipes' are only a guide/start, and that my perogative is to use them to impart myself into them to make the them personab since most of mine are the results of personal experience.
IMHO the most personal sign of approval is for someone to ask for my recipe. Recipes should be shared, not hidden.

drainman 2010-12-05 11:38:07 -0600 Report

I have some recipes that aren't in many books. Most are trial and error over the years, I have made some modifications where they called for salt I used basil and thyme or other herbs that go with the meat or veggies, whole grain vs bleached flour, apple sauce vs milk, etc. I am willing to share. Anyone interested in a meat loaf of ground turkey???

MBouaphavong 2010-11-29 01:50:45 -0600 Report

Hi, Im new here, and I also have alot of recipes that is low in calorie, but also delicious. The dishes I've prepared are southeastern asian, such as laos and thai food, very healthy alot of vegetables and selected meat an herbs.

HeartHawk 2010-11-11 09:41:27 -0600 Report


My brother-in-law Chef Michel Nischan is a fairly well-known chef who has done work with Dr. Mehmet Oz, Oprah, and both the American Heart and Diabetes Associations (two of his sons - my nephews - have Type 1 diabetes). I'll see if I can borrow some of his recipes (with permission of course)!

GoddessPower 2010-11-04 08:53:40 -0500 Report

I only wish the nutritional info included calories!

Jeanette Terry
Jeanette Terry 2010-11-04 13:52:57 -0500 Report

I'm pretty sure that calories are inlcuded in the nutritional facts for most of the recipes on heart connect. I will double check though.

GoddessPower 2010-11-04 14:11:31 -0500 Report

OK, I did find some that do list calories, but the first two I looked at—Tuna Caesar Sandwich and the next one Puerto Rican Fish Stew do not list calories so there are probably others.

Canadiantiger 2010-10-23 15:26:47 -0500 Report

I have many and I will be sharing them with the community. :D

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