Is my exercise doing any good?

My Golden Years
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I have a family history of heart trouble. And I've had a TIA or mini stroke. My cholesterol is OK but my doc wants it lower. And I'm somewhat overweight.

I am not a spring chicken if you know what I mean. I'm a grandma. I can't get out there and really get my heartrate going like you younger folks. I do go out and walk the neighborhood. I try to get out 3 or 4 times a week. And I can only go for about 30 minutes.

My heart rate doesn't get up very much. I don't feel breathless or anything like that.

So do you think it's doing any good at all for my heart? Am I only wasting my time?

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HeartHawk 2010-11-12 12:10:28 -0600 Report


Keep it up. At almost 56 I know how it gets harder with age. Remember, your target heart rate also decreases with age so it also gets easier to hit the oft recommended goal of reaching 70% of maximum heart rate.

Also, note that exercise is going to affect more than just your LDL cholesterol. Pay particular attention to your HDL (good) cholestrol and blood sugar which exercise can have a dramatic effect on.

Trust me, the more you do the easier (and better) it gets!


kwhyman 2010-09-30 22:01:57 -0500 Report

Walking is good for your heart and your overall health. I had a coronary stent two yeays ago and I walk 45 minutes to an hour daily now. i started out slowly and built up over time. Occasionally I swim too. My doctor is just considering reducing and/or eliminating some of my meds. Oh and over time I had a twelve pound weight loss. Keep going… you are not wasting time.

boston T
boston T 2010-04-16 18:06:35 -0500 Report

Don't give up. Hang in there and keep at it. Try to go a little longer or farther each time. But most of all, just keep doing it. Every little bit helps.

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