Have you ever had a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)?

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One of my friends just had a severe TIA. She has suffered from headaches for quite a long time, had an new heart surgery that was supposed to help and then recently began having migraines again. Now she had a severe TIA.

I'm wondering if you or someone you care for has had a TIA and if it led to a stroke?

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Trouble Breathing 49
Trouble Breathing 49 2013-07-04 12:49:03 -0500 Report

I suffered a TIA about 5 years ago as a wave of very cpold feeling swept my face all over, then remained on the right side only. Since then I often (just recently) feel cold sensations on the far right side of my face and it remains only seconds to a couple minutes but is increasing in frequency. Could it be a TIA or stroke coming?

HeartHawk 2010-12-05 22:11:13 -0600 Report

TRK, tankmom, and all,

I once had an episode where my entire left side numb. It started with a feeling of intense warmth on the left side of my face. I was in the emergency room with 45 minutes and had a CAT scan that was negative. They discharged me with little more than an aspirin.

During my follow-up with my physician he attributed it to a complication of the migraines I used to frequently suffer and dismissed the notion of a TIA. However, the symptoms were unlike anything I have ever experienced before or since!


tankmom 2010-12-05 22:03:21 -0600 Report

In 2004, after other unusual feelings going on in the past, I found that I had had multiple TIA's through the course of my life. Even after all the test were done, I went to my heart doctor and he really thought that they might have been due to Migraines, but that proved false. My association with him had begun years before when they found I had a heart murmur and the cause was a bad valve that has since been replaced. Migraines can mimic a TIA I have found out since, but just recently I wake up with a headache, one which was a migraine. Most of the time they go away on their own, but the migraine flattened me for a good portion of the day, so talk to your doctor about this also. C

Anonymous 2010-09-30 12:24:33 -0500 Report

i had a TIA a few days after my 34th birthday this year mine was mild and i have no lasting effects but it was the scarest thing that happend i thought have blood clots in my legs and lungs was bad but this tops it i hope ur friend is ok and i will be praying for her