Like "I had a bad experience with metformin,when I first finded out that I was a diabete I was taking a 1000mg in the moring an eveing. It made me so sick in the stomach and I would throw up an almost bout to pass out. So I told my doctor what was going on when I take the metformin, I was having to run to the bath room all the time. So he say my body had to get uses to taking it,I had head ache pain it was'nt a normal headache that you would have it was different feeling. So a month went by and I was still going through the same thing so he drop me down to one pill still the same thing,so he took me off and put me on Insulin an I hated that but I got use to it. Metformin work's different on everyone some it don't mess with an some it do. hope this is helpfull."