Like "Yea aint doctors just great, my cardioligist is always threating to fire me cuz I adjust my own medications WHICH PLEASE DO NOT DO, and I tell her what I want to take and I tell her when I want to see her. and have been known to check myself out of the hospital. my way of getting around the crap at emergency rooms , is this I just show up at my doctors office, and the best one is to call 911 and get a ambulance ride cuz than you are seen right than. Now for a pain in the neck, which side is it, and did you have a intervenous line, ( IV ) in that side of the neck for the surgery? cuz them hurt like a well you know, It takes a lot for me to let them come even close to putting one in my neck, I have even thrown a pitcher full of water on my surgeon before, I am a hard headed woman who knows my body and am not going to be over medicated or put through unnecessary crap, which I hate to say it does happen way to much in the medical profession. Sorry Doctors are text books, very few are people who live through what we do and really understand what it is we live with other than what they are taught. and over medicating heart patients is a huge issue. so you have to do your own research for your self and how you feel and what makes you feel right not just what the doctors say, and never be afraid to go against what a doctor may say to you or most of all always question WHY on every thing and what its for what side effects how it is going to effect other parts of you as a person besides your heart, etc ... im sure you get what im saying to you anyhow the neck I think is probably due to an IV at the time of surgery. but yes you should get it checked out if it appears to not get better or you start getting irregular beats or breathing becomes harder, or you see brusing or swelling, just keep an eye on it and remember doctors are text book, and get paid to medicate and keep us all coming back. have a great day Michele"