Like "Thanks! I have a defibrillator which also has a pacemaker. Waiting to find out what the weird feeling in my neck is about. Called defib doc today he told me to take tylenol for the pain and then go to ER if too bad he would see me Mon. I am a bit upset with him. He is the same fool that won't help with my disabiity he has me really upset. I have 20% ejection and that 20% is not pumping correctly. I also have left branch bundle block. I talked to osteopath last night he says talk to my regular cardiologist but that appt is not till Feb. Talked to disability lady she says their decision is not all about his opinion. It is not like I want to sit and collect. I love to be active and work with people. I am great in customer service. I am glad you are in tune with your body and able to type me a note. Hope you have a good day! The pain in the left side of my neck has let up. I just don't understand the pain in the neck. I just want an answer and don't feel I need to go to the ER to get it. I called him early enough in the day I think he could have seen me. And not let me dangle over the weekend. Oh well."