Like "Hello Maja, any how I just want to say I pray all went well with your surgery, I dont really know much about a defib really but I do have way to much knowledge about pacemakers I have had one since the age of 12, now just turned 47 and have been 100% battery operated since I was 12 years old, I have no heart beat with out the pacemaker, and through the years I have several of them malfunction, but I am very intuned with my body and my heart so lucky I have been able to know when something is wrong. so hey its a cake walk, and your going to be just great, and It is scarey but just keep the faith and know that your mind has a lot to do with control of your physical body so stay strong stay as stress free as possible and be happy for every today you have thats all anyone can do. I have gone through 17 major open heart surgeries starting at the age of 2 years old and spreadiing through the years. Medically I actually have arguments with doctors that dont know me and they tell me I should be dead, due to the fact that my transpostion of the great vessels has never been repaired and they say its impossible to live like that. well ok if it is than heck sure dont know who is typing this right now, cuz I do not think a spirit can type. any how smile and GOD BLESS take care your friend Michele"