Like "Hello Teresa, I was off of here for a few days, and i just got on back right now and read about your daughter I am so sorry for what she is going through and for you I know how hard it is when your child is in danger. I had a daughter her name was Jessie, which just having her was my miracle, she was born june 29th 1992, and she died November 21st, 1992 she was barely 5 and half months but she was perfect. when I was pregnant, I was told I had to have an abortion, or i would die, no matter what I could not carry a child to term. it was very hard in some ways, I had to give my self shots of heperan in the stomach 2 times a day since I had the mechanical valve, and could not take coumadin while I was pregnant, i actually had social services which stuck their nose in my business, and took me to court and had a judge order me to have an abortion or I would die. Well there was not no way that was going to happen, so I carried her to 7 months, than went in labor, and had a c section and she was here and with no health problems what so ever, and than in November one night she went to sleep and did not wake up, she passed a way from S.I.D.S. which devestated my to the point that I quit taking meds, and ended up having a stroke 2 and a half years later, which left me paralyzed could not eat, talk, move my legs or arms, it was a night mare, and with in 1 week I was up walking talking and out of the hospital and with a new attitude about life, and hate to say this but what pulled me through it all was friends and love ones, I never went to therapy, or rehab, just the care and love of friends did it for me, not the medical profession, I have dealt with them telling me why are you alive and you have maybe 3 months to live and I have doctors argue with me that there is no way I could be alive with the heart problems I have and that they had never been corrected, They have been begging me to have a transplant for at least the last 20 years, which would mean a heart and lung transplant, which they say I would only have about a 20 % chance to survive the surgery itself, and so I just laugh, and say you know for some unknown reason God chose to make me very different, and well backwards (My Valves) so why would I ever want to take the chance of a transplant when at age of 2 they said there is no possible medical possibility of me bieng alive till the age of 5, than it was 12, than it was 16 and so on and so on well here I am going on 47 in october, and hey guess what I am still here. i would never in thousand years give advice to another I am not a medical proffesional, however I am a dam good survivor, and my first cardioligist who passed away in 1998 had always said the onlly reason i am alive is due to the fact that I want to me. my entire point is this, dont ever give up, and dont ever let your daughter see that you have . let her see you strong, and just let her know that she is in God's hands and we all have a reason for bieng here, and he is the only one who knows when he is bringing them home. God tests each and every one of us to go through what ever our lifes throw at us, and its alll about how we chose to handle it. Giving up Giving in however you put it that is what takes us away, our minds have so much to do with our health, and has so much control of what happens to our bodies, you have to always think that yes im going to prove to everyone that they are wrong, its not her time we do not know our time only God does and I dont care what any medical professional says they are human also and they have only been trained in the physical of the body and not the whole person, when my mother had a stroke in 2001, and went into a coma, I went to the hospital in oregon, and i was told that she was completly brain dead and had no activity in the brain at all, I just looked at these 3 different specialist and said im sorry you are wrong, and yes they showed me the machines that said she was brain dead but still I said sorry no she is not, and i sat and read to her and talked to her for 7 days, in which she did open her eye's one time, and i had got so excited, and there was a nurse in her room at the time, and she says oh please dont think that means anything it was just a reflex, well needles to say my sister in law at the time had to jump up and stop me from physically harming the nurse, anyhow leave it to my luck my pacemaker at that time suddenly decides that it wants to malfunction so i was forced to leave her side to get back to california to get a new one put in, I only trusted ond doctor in my life. anyhow after 19 days of the coma my mom was in they moved her to a care facility in oregon on the cost where she lived and well this brain dead women, WOKE up and guess what she had her little mind on straight to the only problem she had is that her right leg was paralyzed, so she could not walk, and her time frames in life were kinda mixed up she thought she was married to all 3 husbands, still and she was loving it. So please dont ever let them see you weak or any doubt, the mind can do miracles with a body and I am proof of that. I have lost my grandma, mom, and dad, and daughter, My mom passed (4 yrs later) she gave up and just wanted to go home to God. So just because some idiot who went to school for 8 years or such, says that you are going to die dont make it true. I have always asked questions about the medications they give me, and have done research on them I suggest you also do for your daughter, see yes we need our heart to work but we need the whole package to work together and so many different meds make the parts not work right which causes more work for the heart. heck I have had no heart beat at all of my own since I was 12 years old, which a pacemaker has shocked my heart 24/7, since 12, and thats working a muscle which your heart is a muscle. I am sorry Theresa that it seems I go on and on, but I am desperate for you and your daughter to understand just because they it so does not make it so. feel the power or what you can control for yourself and let god give you the rest, dont fear the future and live today liek their is not a tomorrow, but dont live in fear and let it bring you down and make you weak, just live knowing that you are doing it all today no matter what, no one knows about tomorrow, not even the medical doctors. there is book called the " The Heart" by Matthias Rath, M.D. cellular health series. you should check it out, see our bodies need more than just the physical we need the nutriets that create and care for each cell also. please check out this book its short and its to the point and its so true I have personally tested the things I have read, i am not saying or ever suggesting that your daughter does the things I do, when it comes to medical care, or a doctors care or meds, im just saying question it all they are not God and they do not control our destiny, they can only medicate and make it seem like it working just to cause other organs damage and which does effect our hearts so question it alll and dont be afraid to disagree with a doctor, they human like us they just know what they have learned, that does not make it right \ sorry to go Michele have a great day and you and your daughter are in my every prayer and I have for what you can help your daughter do to have a better out look so she is not dragged down by medical only choices, love is strong and it does heal and there are miracles I am one "