Like "Hello Teresa, I am truly sorry about your daughters condition. I have been in the situation one night when my oldest son had gone out with his friends to a concert. He only had two alcohol drinks and started acting like he had drank twenty. His friends drove him back home and dropped him off and left. At that point he started to stop breathing, over and over again I did CPR on him and had my other kids call an ambulance. He had died about seven times at home and nine times in the ambulance, then a few more times at the hospital. The whole time I prayed for him and comforted him the best I knew how. He pulled through thank the Lord, but had too low of a count of ...I think it was potassium which caused the effect. So I have had a very close call and can somewhat relate to your fears. As others have said, be there now and take every moment as a blessing to be thankful for. Cherish her past and her present,and her children as a large part of her. My prayers are also with you and your daughter. God bless you both, Ava"