Like "clay, Thanks for starting the discussion. What we call heart disease and erectile dysfunction (ED) are often two symptoms of the same condition and it is very common for men to experience both since they both have to do with another ED - "endothelial dysfunction." The endothelium is a thin coating of cells that lines our arteries and, among other things, regulates the artery's ability to expand and allow blood flow. Restrict arterial blood flow to the heart and you may experience angina. Restrict arterial blood flow to the penis and you may experience ED. We are all familiar with the little nitroglycerine pills angina sufferers take during an attack. These pills supply nitric oxide to the body which is the signal that the endothelium requires to expand arteries. Drugs like Viagra and Cialis work on the same principle supplying nitiric oxide as a signal to expand arteries and increase blood flow. Some people take a supplement called l-arginine (sometines called "poor man's Viagra") which has a modestly similar effect on arteries. Arginine is the primary chemical used by the body to naturally produce nitric oxide so it makes sense that increasing arginine intake would provide this effect. HH"