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Dr Gary Everybody’s got an opinion -- how do you… “Here’s what I think you should do… How often have you heard that one? Usually from a family member or…”
Gulcherboy I know it's a little thing, but ... “Today, I received my first-ever set of return address labels and now, I am a happy Gramps! My oldest granddaughter…”
Foxscribe Cold! “Could it be that your sensations of feeling cold are side effects of any medications that you are on?”
polina123 please help “prayers my friend is what you need,everthing will be ok,i pray that your daughter will be ok and i pray…”
chetsgirl meds and possible stroke “i am on 5 meds for my heart, 3 for asthma and COPD, 1 for my nerves, 1 for diabetes,…”

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