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Dr Gary Pulmonary valve replacement “HI Mary, I noticed your discussion and just wanted to say hi and wish you well. I hope you will keep…”
Gulcherboy Elevated what?!? “Thanks, Hyrum! If I were a betting man and based on this article, I'd suspect a possible combination of sleep…”
RedSun Does your statin drug make you feel tired? “I'm taking Lovastatin, 10 mg, every other day. I'm convinced that the "tired" feeling we all have is from the…”
candyevana02 6 Surprising Eye Care Tips “The most important function our eyes perform for us. It’s our responsibility give them the best care possible, but sometimes…”
lebarron1 White coat Hypertension? “I have high blood pressure too,it is white coat too,i am trying to lose weight and exercize more and walking…”

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