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Women and Atrial Fibrillation

Women and Atrial Fibrillation

A new study has determined that atrial fibrillation may be a bigger risk to women than it is to men.

You and Your Thoughts: Who’s the Boss?

You and Your Thoughts: Who’s the Boss?

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You can prevent upsetting thoughts from making you miserable. Dr. Gary shows you how.

Key Facts About Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a form of peripheral vascular disease, and though they aren't usually a serious health issue, they may lead to other complications.

Chronic Communication at Home: Could Your Family Members Have Compassion Fatigue?

Dr. Gary explains how to help your loved ones avoid burnout as they take care of you.

Uric Acid, Gout, and Heart Disease: What's the Connection?

I recently discovered that uric acid, the stuff that causes gout and that excruciating pain in your big toe, is also a factor in promoting heart disease.