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MaryBethS Pulmonary valve replacement “Possible pulmonary valve replacement is needed. Feeling nervous. Have tetrology and haven't had surgery since I was a young child.”
Gulcherboy Elevated what?!? “My new doctor took some of my blood and then set my next appointment for November. Today, I got the…”
Hyrum Anderton A new doc “That is great Gulcherboy. Getting a great Dr that you feel really good about is critical in the taking care…”
Dr Gary Chronic Communication at Home: Teaming Up at Get-Togethers… “Company parties, neighborhood get-togethers. family reunions, weddings, graduations… Social events can be a challenge for all kinds of reasons. When…”
RedSun Does your statin drug make you feel tired? “I'm taking Lovastatin, 10 mg, every other day. I'm convinced that the "tired" feeling we all have is from the…”

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